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The fifth iteration of my Mix & Match Game! Super Short stories YOU vote on!


These ladies headline some of everyone's favorite stories in the BCU.
They're popular in the stories that they star in, but let's mix things up a bit!
Let's give these A-listers the Drive-In B-Movie treatment!
Let's have a story starring...

- - -

Alice Carlyle... who dares to venture into the Haunted House on Heifer Hill!


There had been rumors about the place since long before Alice had arrived. It was visible from just off the Academy’s east side during the Fall and Winter, when the lush greenery that surrounded the school was slightly less dense. Once nature loosened its grip enough to let bored prep school girls peek at the old house that it held hostage, their overactive minds did the rest. It was enough that the spooky old place seemed to rise out of the ether, but with the trees around it shedding their leaves and the air dropping to a chill already, the girls at Buttercombe Academy invented plenty of reasons to say that it was haunted.

“Go on!” Megan Mahoney had said, tapping her initiate on the behind, “We’ll all be waiting for you in the morning.”

Poor Alice Carlyle—naif and nebbish as she was—didn’t exactly find the idea of spending a night in this old dump inviting at first. They were just picking on the new girl was all they were doing. Forcing poor Alice to do this dumb initiation ritual so that they could be her friends—and all without dinner, no less!

But that all changed once the clock struck midnight.

After just over an hour of spooky spelunking, she was eventually lured by a smorgasbord of smells into the dining room—kept in opulent form despite the dilapidation that the outside suffered. It was a grand hall to fit the design of the old mansion, with candles lit and the great long table set.

“A visitor—and at this time of night, no less!” her ethereal hostess had said, a smile spreading across her translucent cheeks, “Take a seat, we were just about to serve dinner.”

And Alice should have ran, but everything smelled so good! Her time away from her mother’s strict diet plan had already left her with something of a chubby pot, and her “friends” had taken a real shot at her self control. Alice had spent her first month worrying about what would happen if her mom could see her now! But this lady was serving up all of her favorites, juicy turkey, pumpkin pie, sugared ham and sweet potatoes, how could she resist?

A staff of ghostly butlers bounced in a track, their feet never touching the ground as they tended to the needs of both their mist-like mistress and the increasingly corporeal girl who had wandered in for dinner.

“More?” Alice bawked, her cheeks rounder and fuller than when she arrived “I couldn’t possibly.”

“Well, if you say so…” Alice happily partook in another slice of pie, nestling deeper into her chair, “It is my favorite!”

“A little more gravy please!” Alice’s double chin began to bunch as she held out her plate for the butlers, “Okay, that’s enough!”

Watching as her guest gorged herself happily, oblivious to her expansion, the Lady of the House steepled her fingers longingly. Alice was such a greedy girl, deep down. She was so focused on the food, she had no idea that she had already fattened up so much!

“Dessert, dear?”

“Oh, I couldn’t…” Alice grunted, wriggling in her suddenly too-tight seat, the heat of her belly in her lap, “I’m starting to feel a little full…”

“Oh, but we’ve only just begun!” the Lady licked her lips, ”We haven’t even gotten to the main course yet!”


Dakota Johnson... who changes into something new, in I was a Teenaged Blob Monster!


Ever since the move, Dakota had been acting… strangely.

At first everything was fine. She had gone and made new friends in Zack Tyler and Piper Black, and they had done wonders in making her feel more at home. They did something together almost every day! But now that Summer was over, Zack was back in school and Piper had gotten a job at Big Burger, and Dakota was feeling back to square one.

It was as if that last trip to the shipping yard had been a death sentence for Hannah’s daughter—she was worse off than ever! She was reclusive, she was gaining weight, and there was a certain… stickiness about her. She was sweating like crazy almost all the time—even when the AC was cranked up to meat locker temperatures. And they’d only been in Daven’s Port for a few months now, but somehow Dakota had managed to gain almost a hundred pounds of jiggling fat. As Dakota got bigger, slicker, and more sluggish, her mother was convinced that something was wrong with her; even if Dakota refused to see a doctor. She looked green around the gills, and there was nothing Hannah could do about it!

“Whatever, okay?” her daughter’s big butt sloshed like jelly as she hefted herself upstairs, “It’s not like you even care or we’d have never moved to this dumb town!”

By the time November had rolled around, Dakota hardly ever came out of her room, and Hannah was a wreck. She’d hadn’t been sleeping well ever since Dakota really started to backslide, and it was on one such night that she descended into the kitchen for a midnight snack—just something to help her get back to sleep.

And that was when she heard it. The sound of rustling through the refrigerator.

Hannah gripped the railing and clung to the wall. She stepped nervously towards the kitchen as the sounds grew louder.

“Kenny?” she called out for her son, doubtful that any preteen could make those noises

“Patrick?” she had reached the kitchen doorway now, thinking that maybe her husband had somehow slipped past her and was… really, really hungry.

“D…” Hannah stepped onto the cold kitchen tile, a chill running up her spine, “Dakota?”

At the sound of her name, Dakota whipped her head towards the intrusion of her meal—sticky green sweat slapping her mother in the face. She had eaten almost everything in the fridge! Containers flung by the wayside, boxes emptied and discarded, she’d even eaten the cheese slices! The bread! The spices! Dakota’s stomach swelled outwards, a big ball of mass that should have been turgid and stuffed—but instead still rippled and sloshed like water.

And that was when she noticed it.

Hannah’s daughter was green.


Dakota’s voice rippled throughout her body and the kitchen, her soaked pajamas beginning to sink into a thin layer of translucent green slime. Hannah could see the shapes of what she’d eaten—bumping around in the hang of her gut.

Her daughter was... and had been becoming… a blob!


Haley West... who desperately attempts to avoid The Fog that Makes you Fat!


Haley West suddenly shot forward from her bed, reeling from her latest nightmare. Her tinny scream filled the whole West household—her mother, visiting sister, and the two poor friends that had been staying over in her bedroom were all drawn to the sudden sound of shouting.

“Haley, sweetie, what happened?” her doting mother said with a touch of her shoulder

“I… I had a nightmare.” Haley said weakly, still not sure if she had wet the bed for the first time in more than a decade.

“Oh Haley, it’s okay.” Courtney said sleepily as she slowly stood, “You’re with us now, where no one will ever hurt you.”

“Except me if you fucking scream in my ear again.” Dani grouched, eliciting a laugh from everyone in the room,

“Well, and that fog that makes people fat.” Haley’s sister Tara said as an aside as a pale orange mist began to rise in the window.

“Uh-oh, it’s seeping in!” Courtney squeaked

“Stupid cheap weather stripping!” Mrs. West cursed her frivolity aloud as their fates were sealed

As the fog began to fill the room and everyone’s lungs, a change surged throughout the entire household. Haley’s body began to swell and fatten as she breathed in the mysterious fog, her already spoiled soft physique expanding her into a bottom-heavy bowling pin shape. Her thighs quickly grew to fill out her loose-fitting pajama bottoms, her panties torn to shreds beneath. Her belly rested on her soft legs, and everything from her arms to her face were embarrassingly plump! Her double chin creased into a third as her jaw opened as wide as she could to scream for the second time that morning.

Meanwhile, a similar change had gripped the other occupants of the room. Her mother’s figure followed the example that her daughter’s had set, her already head start of a middle-aged spread helped to grow her behind wide enough to catch the doorframe, a large stomach that pressed tight against the now ill-fitting nightgown that she slept in. Meanwhile, Tara rounded out into a circular shape all around, her swelling gut pushing out from underneath her now woefully undersized t-shirt as her engorged breasts distorted the graphic. Poor Courtney’s prominent chest and her pretty face got bit by the brunt of it, fattening until she was a chipmunk-cheeked, chubby-chested chunker while doubty Dani blimped out belly-first into a whining ghost-white whale in black lipstick! Everyone in the room suddenly and very rapidly had their figures grown to more than twice—perhaps even three times the size that they were just a shallow breath ago!

As the screams slowly died down, and everyone took a good look at what the fog had left of their girlish figures, a deathly silence filled the room.

And walking canes were thrown at them from off-stage as music filled the room.

“One—” the girls sang in unison as they waddled into proper position to begin their musical number, dancing awkwardly at their larger size, “Chorus line of people, dance until they make us stop!”

- - -

- - -


These two go together like peanut butter and jelly! Opposites attract, after all!
The second round is the perfect place for two's, after all!
But let's throw a kink into the mix and see how they hold up!
What happens to...

- - -

Megan Mahoney & Ronnie Wilson... when they swap bodies?


Buttercombe Academy was a very strange and unusual place, but only insofar as its customs and the lifestyle cultivated by such a coddling environment. Things like this simply just didn’t happen—they were impossible, right? Magic and spells and curses, they weren’t real. And until the Incident, where thirty people—both faculty and student body—were seemingly selected at random by some mystical force and had their hearts and minds placed in the body of the person exactly six feet away from them.

And unfortunately, Ronnie had decided to bring her good friend Megan cookies that afternoon. And just as she stepped out of the kitchenette and started towards Megan’s throne on the couch, it happened.

A blinding flash of light, a sharp tremor that shook the school to its very foundation, and a set of splitting headaches later—Megan was now Ronnie, and Ronnie was now Megan.

Ms. Polluck—wearing the skin of her spherical assistant, Candace Scott—feared that separating those affected would have only complicated the issue, should a solution arise. Everyone who had switched bodies was to remain on campus until further notice and do their best to keep a stiff upper lip about the whole thing until everyone got put back where they belonged.

That had happened at the beginning of last year. They’d opted to house the Switched on-campus over the Summer for no extra charge. Nearing the anniversary of it all, it wasn’t any less weird.

Whyyyy are you still dressing me like such a dork?!” Megan whined from the couch as her swap partner showed off her new uniform—the full blazer-blouse set, where she preferred the blouse to sweatervest—“The blazer just makes me look fat!”

“I thought I looked good!” Ronnie used Megan’s face much more expressively than she ever did, “Maybe once I get it tailored…”

Ronnie cupped her hands under what had been her breasts for a year now. They were even bigger than the ones back in her old body, and Ronnie had certainly been chesty before all this had started. Her steady diet of sweets and cakes had only continued to aid in the growth of Megan’s girls. Her baking habits had stayed with her, thank God!

“Yeah, well, I look like a nerd.” Megan snorted, hearing Ronnie’s chipper tone flat and apathetic still freaked out Alice and Sam when they heard it, “And that stupid short haircut makes my face look huge.”

“Okay, like you’re one to talk about huge.”

Megan Mahoney had always been a lazy girl, happy to mooch off whatever Ronnie Wilson baked for her. And that hadn’t changed when they switched, either. The main difference was that Megan had a bigger stomach to feed and a slower metabolism.

“Hey, you’re the one who won’t stop baking.”

Megan unclasped the stretchy skirt that wrapped around her tertiary tire-thick tummy tier, causing it to seize forward and slope downward towards the end of the couch cushions. She unrolled the tarp-sized sweatervest she’d rolled over Ronnie’s rotundity and slowly unbuttoned the blouse. With a grunt, she leaned forward and wriggled Ronnie’s chubby fingers underneath her apron of belly blubber and gave it a good shake.

“This isn’t my fault—you did this to yourself.”


Parker Black & Mel Carlyle... when the latter fattens up the former for one reason or another?


Mel had only known Parker for so long. But she knew that, compared to the other girls that Parker was used to hanging out with, Mel’s group was kind of lame. They didn’t go out and party five nights a week, they had jobs, and the only places that they got kicked out of were buffets.

But Parker had been kicked out of her social group by her friends. Something something, twenty-somethings who hadn’t grown out of high school drama yet. Parker slept with an ex-boyfriend maybe, who knows. But ever since that happened, Parker had been barnacling herself to Mel and her friends. It was a kind of sad—some people just couldn’t handle being alone.

But Parker was also two to three years older than all the people that Mel hung out with, which meant that she could buy them booze.

And that was all the reason anyone needed to keep the former party girl around.

As time passed and the new group dynamic was established, all of Mel’s friends—Amy, Donna, and Kate—joked that hanging out with Mel was going to make poor Parker fat. Because, in their experience (a two hundred pound, a hundred pound, and a sixty-pound weight gain respectively) there was a definitive precedent set. Parker never really thought it was funny. But she really started to hate it when her pants started to get tight.

“Woah, Parker, Mel’s doing a real number on you!” Donna chuckled from her seat on the floor

“Yeah Mel, lay off Parker the pant load!” Amy snorted, dipping her fries in her milkshake

Parker drank to excess every time she came over. Which was often. Mel and Amy would bring the takeout, Kate would plate up the food, Donna would order takeout, and Parker would bring the alcohol. But being around all of this food, and all of the chubby bellies around her eating to such excess anyway, it was easy for Parker to go a little overboard.

“God shudup guys!” Parker groaned as she leaned away from Mel, exposing her rounding belly to the rest of the living room “M’not gonna get fat!”

It really wasn’t all that much weight yet. Just a little belly that had started to pooch over her jeans. Honestly, Mel thought she wore the weight well. Helped balance out her boobs a lot. All jokes aside, Parker needed to be comfortable away from her party friends. And it wasn’t like they didn’t have fun here, with all the food…

“Yeah, guys, come on it’s not funny.” Mel said in a sympathetic tone, “Here, Parker, don’t waste that...”

Mel leaned over and grabbed the pizza crust from her friend’s hand, smooshing her underneath an avalanche of creamy belly blubber. She dipped the crust in the bowl of ranch on the coffee table and returned it to Parker, tracing her lips with it as Parker made a low, sensual noise of approval before Mel pushed a bite into her mouth.

“Better?” Mel asked, satisfied with Parker’s dreamy expression

“Sobetter.” Parker burped, leaning forward with a grunt to repeat the process herself, “Finally a use for pizza bones.”

“That’s so cute you call them pizza bones.” Mel snorted, “Well, you wanna try it? We’ve got a whole box here…”

As Parker shrugged and dug into the flat box of discarded crusts, Mel watched with no small amount of pride as her friend undertook the challenge. Sure, Amy, Donna, and Kate had been accidental. But Parker showed some promise. She could make a bonafide fat girl out of this one.


Marissa Dupont & Cerys Porter... when they start to date, much to the confusion of everyone around them?


Arisa Spencer had never had a girlfriend. She’d never had a boyfriend either, though! She didn’t know what she liked. Most of her life was spent in a stylish rich girl solitary, with not much more than her big house and serving staff to keep her company while she studied. So when she moved to Buttercombe Academy and met her friends, she never considered that the other girls would be looking for love. That part of puberty almost completely skipped her mind! She didn’t even notice what was happening until well into their relationship.

After all, Cerys came over all the time anyway.

Sitting on the couch, the poor spherical Thai girl couldn’t help but feel incredibly awkward as her two best friends sucked face with one another. Attached at the lips like Velcro, Marissa Dupont and Cerys Porter—two opposites if there ever had been—could barely keep their hands off of one another.

“I like you so much.” Cerys said between kisses

“You’re so hot.” Marissa gasped breathlessly

And then there was poor Arisa, eyes wide and her thumbs twiddling while the television played in the background. Watching them go at it like this not only was a reminder of her own sexual immaturity, but it was just… weird! She thought that they hated each other!

But who was she to judge? After all, they were still her friends. Still Risters… right?

“Oh sweetie, you must feel so left out.” Cerys’s roommate Hannah said in a pitiful voice as she handed Arisa an ice cream cone during lunch, “You want me to break them up for you?”

“You… you can do that?” Arisa asked meekly, “I just… I want my friends back!”

“Of course you do.” Hannah said with a smirk, “Leave it to me, I know just the way to do it.”

Hannah was eager to take a crack at her favorite past time, but this time she was wrong. She’d thought that, by sabotaging Cerys’s diet at every turn, softening the sophomore up, Marissa would lose interest. As Hannah fed Cerys the most fattening foods she could get her hands on, beleaguered her into bigness, and actively worked to keep her as lazy and well-fed as possible, she was convinced that she’d found a more moral use for her uncanny ability to make people fat. Surely this would get that poor girl her friends back!

But it just made Marissa like Cerys more.

“You’re so soft and squishy!” Marissa broke away breathlessly, laying on top of her jumbo junior girlfriend, “I love to squeeze you.”

“I love it when you squeeze me.” Cerys pressed Marissa tightly into her gut, enveloping the busty sophomore in a fleshy hug

Somehow their relationship had survived Cerys’s two-hundred-pound weight gain. Even as a big bellied pig, Cerys was still almost always attached to her surprisingly doting and supportive girlfriend. Whenever she wasn’t eating, her lips were attached to Marissa’s still. Hannah’s plan had failed—all it had done was bring them closer together! How was she supposed to know that Marissa was a closet chubby chaser?

Arisa just sat there, on the couch, feeling more awkward than ever.

- - -

- - -


It's time for the return of the historic Mix & Match MILF round!
These slightly older ladies don't always get really fun stories involving them.
Let's change that by pairing them with the weird and strange parts of the BCU!
Sound fun? Of course it does!

- - -

Harper Black... finds the magic lamp of O Mighty Aziza, a powerful genie!


When a woman in red popped out of the lamp she’d bought at Abida’s Eclectics, Harper had been left wondering if she’d eaten the special brownies that she kept in the freezer by mistake.

But no, Aziza was very real—even if Harper hadn’t believed it at first. The tall, sun-kissed woman looked to have come right out of the Arabian Nights, and promised to grant her any three wishes that her heart desired. And it couldn’t have come at a better time, either—Harper had just been laid off at DynaCorp, and the bills were starting to pile up. They were threatening to repossess the house, and poor Piper just didn’t make enough money to keep them all afloat while she struggled to find another career.

In hindsight, she could have worded the question better, but more on that later.

“I wish we never had to go hungry again.”

And, one small dance routine later, Harper’s wish was granted. The next morning, Harper’s money problems were solved—some stock that she’d bought a long, long time ago (probably back when she got married the first time!) had just taken off. She sold it and became a millionaire overnight.

Now, that took care of the money problems. With some help, Harper took those millions and invested it. Soon, they were out of their crackerbox and into the nicest gated community in town! The Black family had never been so well-off!

“I want to look younger!”

Still riding high on her first wish, Harper had never felt more alive. There was money in the bank, her daughters didn’t have to work, and neither did she! Wanting to look as good as she felt, Harper wished away the modest effects that aging had held to her. Gone were the laugh lines, the shallow crow’s feet, and her charcoal-black hair darkened to the obsidian sheen of her daughters’. Harper looked fifteen years younger and had never felt better!

And so, going out on expensive dinners with plenty of suitors looking to get rich quick, getting wined and dined by businesses all over looking to get a piece of her millions, Harper quickly found that just because she looked younger didn’t mean she was younger. Her metabolism was still in her forties, despite looking twenty five. It wasn’t long before all of these rich foods started to stick to her waistline!

“I wish I didn’t have to worry about my weight.”

Harper cupped her pot belly as it pooched out over her skirt. She’d popped a button right there at the dinnertable, and she’d never felt more embarrassed in her life!

“Are you sure that’s how you want to word that?” Aziza asked, brow cocked. It had been a long time since anyone had dared to keep her around this long, and she was more than testy after a year of servitude, “O my Master?”

“Yes, that’s what I want.” Harper said, head fuzzy with wine, “Aziza, I wish that I never had to worry about my weight!”

“So you have wished it…” Aziza said with a bump of her hip as Arabian music filled the bathroom...


Rhonda Burkhart... harbors Meitnerium, alien undergrad of the stars crashed to Earth!


“Honestly, the two of you are unbelievable.”

“Oh come on, Auntie, I’m just showing her how to have fun.”

“Yeah Auntie.”

Ever since Rhonda and her niece Mel had found her spaceship and agreed to harbor her, all Meitnerium had done was sit on the couch and watch television. Granted, that’s all that Mel liked to do, but that was different. Mel was family—and Mel was in college (probably? Rhonda needed to look into that) But the two of them were putting their butts on the line for their new green-skinned houseguest, and they weren’t given much in return.

At least, Rhonda wasn’t. Mel had found a new friend.

Ever since she’d gotten here, Meitnerium had been fattening up into a ripe green ball of pudge. Mel had a way about doing that—no lightweight herself at almost four hundred pounds and barely nineteen years old. Just living with her had put an extra fifty pounds on Rhonda’s skinny shape, settling mostly in her rounding rear end, but that was before she’d turned Meitty into a mini-Mel from beyond the stars.

“I’m not your Auntie!” Rhonda rolled her eyes, “Meitnerium, don’t you think it’s time you try to contact your home planet?”

“Like, why?” Meitty asked, filling her face with M&M’s, “I’m having fun!”

“Because you’re eating us out of house and home.” Rhonda sighed, looking at the empty fridge, “More than usual.”

“But Earth food is so good!” Meitnerium whined, “How can you expect me not to eat it all?”

“Yeah Auntie, they don’t even have food where she comes from.”

“We don’t!”

“So I’ve been told.”

Rhonda thought back bitterly to popping those food pills like candy. Eating packages of them meant to last for months in an afternoon on the couch! Ooh she hated this space stuff so much.

“You wanna come and watch TV with us?” Meitnerium asked with a pat next to her, “Show’s about to start?”

“I need to get to the gym.” Rhonda groaned, her athletic shorts riding high, “It’s my only day off this week.”

“But it’s raining!”

“Yeah Auntie, it’s raining!”

Rhonda felt the nagging homebody inside of her banging at the gate. They were right. It was raining. And besides, there was no hope of salvaging her figure now.

Rhonda kicked one trunk-like leg over the other and sloshed through the hallway belly-first. She was an impossibly bottom-heavy woman, and getting around the office—let alone her own home!—was becoming increasingly difficult as she struggled with her artificially expanded appetite. Lugging this big butt behind her was so embarrassing; she could barely even sit on the couch with Meitty and Mel these days!

“Fiiiine.” She grunted, “Scooch over, green jeans.”

The two piles of couch potatoes wriggled over as best they could, allowing Aunt Rhonda just enough room to force her flabby flanks down into the space provided between Meitty’s green gut and the arm rest. Letting her belly pooch back out after sucking it in, Rhonda finally relaxed.

“Popcorn?” Meitnerium and Mel snorted in quiet laughter as their provisioner snacked on the buttery treat, some of Meitty’s food pills mixed into the bowl…


Ashley Knight... makes a deal with Devlin, Advocate of the Underworld!


Ashley Knight had fallen on hard times. A former track star with a figure gone to pots, she had never felt so small. Ironically, she’d never been bigger either. Once she cracked two hundred pounds, she vowed that she would go on a diet. But the temptation found in Buttercombe Academy was unlike anything that even she had faced before. Hard-nosed as she was, she had become weak and soft. Ashley ballooned up to two-fifty, two-seventy-five and then finally three hundred pounds before things got really desperate.

“I would sell my soul to get my figure back.”

And that was when Devlin came into her life.

The next morning, Ashley found herself running along Buttercombe Academy’s neglected track for the first time in years. Her wide behind weighed down what had once been an impeccable time, and her chest heaved as she struggled to lug her fattened shape around the courtyard. Her cheeks were red and as round as tomatoes, her flesh bobbing and weaving with every beleaguered step. Five minutes in, and her track suit was soaked with sweat.

“Hey now porky, don’t slow down now!” Devlin blew into her whistle, Ashley’s sadsack visage reflected in her mirrored aviators, “You’ve got another two chins to work off before I say you’re done!”

“I thought… I thought… there’d be…” Ashley struggled to catch her breath in the morning October brisk, “Magic or something… involved!”

“There is! By the time I’m done with you, you won’t have any loose skin!” Devlin’s curly blonde hair bounced from underneath her baseball cap, “That’s all the magic you’re getting from your soul!”

“Wh…What?!” Ashley whined, the thought of working off all this flab by herself was literally enough to make her want to cry, “So I… you’re just my trainer?”

“And one hell of a trainer at that!” Devlin snickered, “You were already coming to us anyway, so why should we give you any special treatment?”

Devlin zapped at Ashley’s feet with a flick of hellfire, causing the bottom-heavy blob to cry out in surprise. She started walking weakly towards the middle line, only to get zapped again on her mile-wide tuchus.

“OW!” Ashley yelped, “What… what can I do to make this go a little easier?!”

“Easier’s not gonna get ride of those lovehandles, chubs!” Devlin giggled, “Now scooch!”

They got a few more feet down the track before Ashley tripped. Landing belly-first on the turf, Devlin loomed over her newest client with no small amount of satisfaction. Torturing sinners was so much fun—and Ashley had all the signifiers of a great sinner! Pride, Gluttony, Sloth, Wrath, Greed, Envy, and Lust! She was a rare breed indeed, the whole 7 in one go!

Unfortunately for Ashley, that meant her soul wasn’t exactly worth much to trade. She was already going to Hell anyway—why make her time on Earth any easier?

“What if… what if we trade?” Ashley hacked a wheezing whooping cough, slowly working her way to a seated position, “What if I help you?”

“Keep talking.” Devlin cocked a blonde eyebrow, “I like where this is going.”

“This Academy… loaded with fatties…” Ashley puffed, her belly pooling on the ground in front of her, between her enormous legs, “What if… I… helped make them fat? Sloth… Gluttony… all that jazz?”

“Ooh~” Devlin helped hoist Ashley up with some effort, “I like your style—we’ve got a deal.”

Devlin clapped a hand on Ashley’s rippling backfat, a heavy “oof!” escaping the fat woman.

“You just bought yourself a ticket to the Eighth Circle, Bubble Butt.
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