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by Paul
Rated: E · Short Story · Fantasy · #2200013
It’s been a very long time of peace!
“General Armstrong, I want bombs placed along the border. Each a ton of yield and in each pass through the mountains I want a small yield nuclear device surrounded by conventional explosives.”

“Yes, sir. May I ask a question sir?”


“We haven’t been involved in a conflict in 150 years, where will I get the bombs? Shouldn’t we negotiate like we always do?”

“It’s past that, but we’ll start that way because that’s just what they’d expect us to do. We won’t though. Devices were stored as insurance because our neighbors to the west are not the best. We think if we shock them enough again they’ll leave us alone for another 150 years.”

“Yes, sir. How long do we have?”

“Years, they’re just starting the push. Take your time and make it look like weather sensors or something. Make the nuclear devices wind towers, those valleys make that sensible. I want a lot of conventional stuff there too. The nuke is a last resort.”

“Yes, sir, I’ll start putting the team together.”

“No one else is to know, I want everyone to think it’s just weather and power.”

“Yes, sir. What about the devices? Won’t someone have to know?”

“Already done. They’re disguised as parts of the instrumentation you’ll be installing.”

“What about the few farmers in those regions?”

“Start buying them out and come up with some excuse for needing the land. It doesn’t matter what it costs.”

“Yes, sir. The Capitol Recreation Square is very overcrowded, we could move that. And there’s a commercial satellite launch site we need.”

“No launch site! They’ll start thinking we’re hiding something.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Call me with any ideas. Get cracking!”

“Yes, sir!”
“The longevity pills have kept me alive for over 300 years, but I’m so tired.”
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