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Giantess Story About Yugioh. Giantess: Mai
“Uh...? Are you sure you want to do this?” Joey said unsure, but still prepping his deck. How can he not be unsure. Him and Mai have had quite an odd relationship. At first they disagreed with each other. Mai believing she doesn't need anyone else and Joey convinced his friends was the source of his power. Then after Battle City the two bonded even more but since then she was gone. Every now and then Joey would find her winning Circuits on the TV but nothing face to face.

Until finally today where he sees her. am pulling up in her car and challenging Joey to a duel. The kid always kept his duel disk on him. He was confused though as it was so sudden and out of nowhere. Currently the two of them were standing across each other in street. Both of them having their Duel Disks ready.

“Come on Joey, its just a friendly game between the two of us. Nothing more” Mai said as she wore a smirk across her face. Which was the reason Joey was skeptical.

“Okay fine, a quick game. Then after that we can talk” Joey said back to her with a big smile. His duelling, how can he not. The boy has quite the passion for duelling right now. Thanks to his friend Yugi mostly but regardless the boy was ready.

Both of their duel disks linking up as they scream out loud “Duel!”


“Ill go first” Joey said drawing a card and looking at his hand. Smiling as he thinks his got a great hand. “First i bring out my old buddy. Alligator Sword!” He placed the card down and onto the field appeared an... Alligator with a sword.


“Then i play one trap card and i end my turn. How do you like those Mai”

Mai smirked as she drew a card. Looking at it before smirking “Still using the same old boring cards Joey. You need to switch up, thats what I've done” Joey was a bit taken back, however she quickly placed a card, “Come on out! Harpy Lady!”

Just as she played that card a Harpy appeared on the field.

Atk: 1300
Def: 1400

“Ha! Your still using the same old cards back when i faced you. Got to admit though its a familiar face” He joked “But she's nowhere near stronger then Alligator Sword”

“Not until i play this!” She said sending out a spell card “GTS Stomp!”

“GTS Wha?” Joey replied as his never heard of that card. He sees the picture for the card come up and it was of the silhouette of a woman stepping on a man. Looking at the card it seems perfect for Mai. Still he has no idea what it does.

“My new, and favorited card” Mai said “I can apply this to one of my monsters! As long as we both have one monster on the field. My monster destroys yours!”

“What!” He replied back to her. Thats not fair, at least in Joey’s mind it wasn't.

“And your never gonna guess how it happens” She said. She could finish that, but instead she just let her monster show Joey.

Joey watched in utter shock as the Harpy grew and grew. The once average size monster card was now towering over him and his Alligator. The Harpy looked down to both of them and if he didn't know it was a hologram, he would of been frightened.

“Hardie Lady. Stomp out that lizard!” Mai said shouted as the Harpy did just that. Lifting her giant foot over Alligator sword. Joey watched in surprise as the foot came down and his Monster was stomped out of existence. The Harpy shifting and moving her foot grinding the Alligator in more. When she lifted her foot, Joey found his card gone.

Luckily the Harpy shrunk down to normal size. No longer intimidating “Now Harpy Lady! Attack Joey!”

“Oh geez” Was all he could say as it came straight for him. The Harpy lady striking him against the chest as his Life Points went down.


“And then i play one card myself and i end my turn” Mai said.

“Its new, but its nothing i haven't faced before” Joey said still trying to act tough “Draw!” He then pulled out his card as he looked over it.

“I play Flame Manipulator!” Joey shouted placing a card and his monster coming out. A blue haired boy surrounded by flames coming out. Once the Harpy saw him, she licked her lips. Something that scared Joey a bit.


“Thats not all, next i play the card Reinforcement Of The Army. This car lets me get a level four or below warrior and put him in my hand. And i got to go with my friend Masaki. The legendary Swordsman”

“Well i know who's next then” She said with a bit of a smirk. It was obvious.

“Next i play from my hand Polmarazation. I fuse together Flame Manipulator and Masaki to bring in an old friend. Come on out! Flame Swordsman!”

And just like that, Flame Swordsman came out. One of Joey’s signature cards as he glared at the harpy. Who was looking a bit of afraid


“Now Flame Swordsman, take down that Feathery stomper!”

Flame Swordsman lifted his weapon and aimed it at her. Charging as Mai smiled to herself.

“Not so fast!” Mai yelled out. Her trap card raising “I play GTS Power”

“Not another one” Joey said frowning.

“Yes, another one. This one switches my Harpy to defence while also raising that defence by 1000!”

As Harpy Lady’s defines rose to 2400. So did her height, growing in size as she now towered over at the charging swordsman. Now no more then a doll when he takes a swing the worst it can do is scuff her foot.

“You can't beat me Joey, I've got you right where i want you”

“Thats what you think!” Joey answered back. “I got my own trap card, and I've been saving it for just the occasion. Its one of my favourites too. Soldiers Intimidation methods!”

“Great” Mai said frowning.

“This car lowers your harpies Def points. Down just enough for Flaming Swordsman to lay her out.”

And which he did, running up between the giant Harpies feet and tilting his sword up. Then with a giant leap he sliced it through her body. Right down the middle as the giant Harpy separated in two. Only for a second though as she disappeared into bits.

Mai frowned as she put her Harpy in the graveyard. She expected a full victory, and although Joey didn't take an Life Points away from her, he did destroy her monster.

Flaming Swordsman landed down onto the ground as Joey smirked “Yeah, cut that Harpy in half”

“Just you wait, ill get that swordsman back for that”

“We will see, i end my turn” Joey said as Mai started. Drawing a card as she smirked. This one will get Joey good. Not to mention it would be quite the blow to his ego.

“Okay, for my next monster. I play the little sister of the deck! Harpy Girl!”

And just like that, Harpy girl came onto the field. The blonde looking shy, especially across from Flaming Swordsman.


“What, is she gonna grow big too” Joey said joking. Only to be cut off as Mai proudly said.

“Yes she will! With my next card. GTS Crush!”

She played the card and of course, Harpy Girl started to grow big just like the others. Towering over Joey and his Swordsman as Joey was starting to fear. If this card had an effect similar to the last one he was in trouble.

“Not such a little girl now is she!” Mai said proudly looking up at the card. Harpy Girl no longer shy but excited “This card raises her ATK points by your swordsman's! Making her Atk points 2300”

“Not good” Joey said to himself as he knew it. The Harpy girl jumped over, her towering form over both Joey and his monster. Suddenly she turned around, her rear right above him as she came down like a meteor. Joey having little sense at this time screamed, thinking he was going to get flattened under her butt. Luckily it was a hologram and that didn't happen. It didn't hurt him, but he wish he could say the same thing for his main card. Flaming Swordsman was now flattened under the giant ass of the blonde Harpy. And it got even more humiliating when she flew away, having him smothered to her butt, only before disappearing.

Not to mention Joey’s attack points took a hit as well. Destroying it pretty hard as he went down even more


“Wow Joey, seems like you just can handle them bigger. My mistake” Mai joked, feeling safe behind her giant Harpy.

“Say what you want Mai, but I'm not out of this yet! I can still win!”

“Sure you can” She said simply back. “I end my turn”

There was a moment of silence before Joey drew. A moment of silence as he waited for something that never came “isn't she coming down!?”

“No, she stays this way. Big and strong” Mai said as that was only frustrating Joey more.

“Oh whatever, i can beat her, and i can beat you!”

“Want to wager then?” Mai said raising her eyebrow.

“Wager, wager what? I don't have money I'm in High School”

“Oh Joey your still an idiot” Mai said frowning and slapping her head “If i win, you all me a favour. understand me”

“Yeah sure thing Mai, and if i win... you owe me some money” Joey said as he was thinking about buying some more packs.

“Your on Joey!” She said as she got what she wanted.

“Oh you made a mistake now Mai, I'm more motivated then ever. I draw!” he said as he looked over his cards. He wasn't winning or beating that thing with anything that he's got. Which means he just has to play safe for now. i play a monster in defence mode and i end my turn”

“Thats it Joey. You were talking all big a second ago” She said laughing as she looked at her giant Harpy. She doesn't even need to summon anything, but she will. I play a Monster in defence mode, but i don't end my turn! Harpy Girl! Crush that coward!”

Joey watched again as the giant Blonde raised into the air once again. Towering over him as she crushed down onto his monster. His card being flattened by her rear. The Harpy went back over to her side, not before though smiling at him. Almost in a way of saying, next time it will be you.

“And then i will end my turn. Tell me Joey, what master strategy have you got next time”

“Your about to see!” He answered back drawing a card all dramatic like. Looking at his card like a man on a mission.

“I play a monster in defence mode and i end my turn”

“Thats exactly what you just did!!” She shouted back angrily. “Fine, my turn” She said as she needed to get her cool back. At again Harpy Girl!

And just like the last two times, Harpy girl flew into the sky and brought her rear right down onto Joey’s hidden monster. Sending it to the graveyard.

Or at least it would of, if Joey wasn't laying down a trap.

“Ahhh!!!” Harpy Girl said jumping up and hoping. Screaming in pain.

“Wha... Harpy Girl! What is wrong!?” Mai said confused. Not knowing whats happening. The Harpy girl turned around and showed Mai her butt. And Mai couldn't believe what she saw. A bug taking a massive bite out of her monsters butt! Chewing on it as Mai was shocked.

“Hah! Man Eater Bug! Or should i say Harpy Eater! Every shmuck in Yugioh knows what that card does. So do you want me to explain it?”

“No” She answered back as she knew what it did. Once its flipped any monster on her field is destroyed. Almost like it was tragic, the Harpy Girl dissipated into the dust as she just lost her strong monster. Frowning she laid down another card onto the field in defence and ended her turn.

“Yeah, my turn!” Joey said out loud drawing his cards. He looked over it before deciding on Gearfried The Iron Knight.

And of course, an iron knight came out.

Atk: 1800
Def: 1600

“Attack the card on the.... left. On the left!” And just like that his monster rushed at hers Slashing it as one of her monsters died. “I end my turn!” he shouted back proudly.

He looked at Mai with a smile, however that was gone quick when he could Mai return a smile to him.

“I hate to say it Hun. but you attacked the wrong monster. I draw, and then flip my monster!”

Joey saw a Harpy Sister emerge from the card. Luckily she was still small.

“And now i use GTS Elegant Egotist!” She said as she showed another knew card. This one tailored made for her.

“What!?” he questioned.

“You know what my GTS cards do, and you know what Elegant Egotist does. Well this card mixes them together. Say goodbye to my Harpy, and hello to My Harpy Sisters!

And just like that three towering Harpies was over Joey. Each of them looking down at him and his knight with a hungry expression. “And at the cost of the smaller one i had before. They grow 1000 more attack points!” am said adding a cheery to the cake

Atk: 2950
Def: 2100

“Attack Gearfried!” She said out loud. Joey could do nothing as his monster gets picked up. Getting held in their hands as all three Harpies laugh at the struggling soldier. Joey wished he could say his card, but this was happening and he had to accept it.

All three of them giggled. The orange haired one pushing her breasts into him as the Red one joined in. Finally the blue one did the same as his soldier was being crushed by they breasts! As much as Joey didn't want to see it, he couldn't help but admit it was an interesting way to destroy a card. He was a teenage boy after all. As they came closer and their bodies hugged closer and closer. His knight broke and became nothing but bits of rubble. Something the three Harpies laughed at.

Joey was ready to move on, but the Three Harpies then looked at him with a hungry expression. Something that sent a shiver down his spine.

“Did you forget Joey, the rest of the damage is going to you!”

“What!” He said as he saw the red haired Harpy grab the knights remain from between then and tossed it at Joey. Hitting him hard as his Life Points went down once again


“Good work girls” Mai said up to her cards “And i end my turn. What can you do Joey, you can't beat me in anything”

“We will see about that. I hope” he said the last part under his breath. He then draws his card as he thinks of a strategy. Being Joey though he goes to rely on his dumb luck.

And thats exactly what he was going to do!

Joey grew a smile, regardless of the situation. He knew how he was gonna play this. And soon Mai did “I have something that will take those three winged terrors down!” He said proudly. A little too proudly for Mai’s liking.

“Come on out! Time Magician!” He shouted as he placed the card down. Out onto the field came a red yellow and purple clock. One of Joey’s favourite cards. Time Magician


“Not him” Mai said with an annoyed look. As did all her Harpies. Last time she ran into that, all her Harpies aged into Grandmas. And she doesn't really want three Grandmas on the field.

“Ready Time Magician! For a little Time Roulette Go!” Joey said proudly “You know the deal. if it lands on a Skull. Time Magician is destroyed, but if it lands of a red castle. All three of your Harpies are about to get a lot older”

“Just spin the darn thing” Mai said as Joey did that. The clock handle in the middle started spinning. Round and round over and over again. Both Mai and Joey looking at it with intrigue. Then she saw something she didn't want. It landed on the Castle.

“Oh Yeah!” Joey said proudly “I win! So you know what that means. Time Magician, turn those Harpies into Hags!”

The Magician shot out his wand, hitting the three with a spell. A spoke appears around them as it was unable to been seen what was happening to the three. Joey stood proudly thinking that he just got rid of the three big threats on the field.

He did not.

And this became clear when Mai started laughing loudly.

“Hah? What are you laughing about Mai?” Joey said confused.

“You don't understand Joey, their too powerful to be destroyed by your Magician. Sure you aged them, but not by much”

“What!?” He shouted in surprise.

“Take a look yourself if you don't believe me” Mai said as the light finally dimmed away. They weren't Grandma’s. Not Grandma’s at all!

Their body was more shaped and features, their faces while older still maintained the beauty from before. And all three of them looked at the Magician with a superior smile. Joey didn't turn them into Old ladies, he turned them to giant Cougars. And they wanted Time Magician.

“Come on, Just one break i want!” He shouted out loudly.

“Do you end your turn Joey?” Mai said with a smug look.

Sadly that was the only thing he could really do in this situation “I will, but after placing a card” He said as he ended.

With a smile Mai drew her card, looking at the three woman in front of her. Not girls, woman.

“I play one monster face down” Mai started as she then moved over to the bit she wanted to “Now Harpy Sisters. Eat that little pain!”

All three of them hungrily reached for him, and Joey could do nothing about it as his Magician was grabbed. Grabbed by the long red haired one.

She wasted no time to bring him to her face, licking her lips playfully as the other two wasn't happy they lost.

She then opened her mouth wide and lifted him. Dangling him over her mouth as she was going to swallow him whole! The Poor magician. She was just about to drop him down into her mouth and she would of, if Joey didn't intervene.

“I play!” Joey started as a card was lifted “Time Reversal!”

“Time reversal?” Mai mimicked in shock.

“i can play this card in the battle phase. If Time Magician is on the field, i can end the battle phase before anything happens to him”

“That means...”

“... He's safe” Joey said finishing her sentence.

And in perfect time too. As the Harpy dropped him down into her mouth. He didn't actually go in though, as time reversed. TO the surprise of the older Harpies, Time Magician found himself in the same spot.

Annoyingly, the orange haired Harpy tried to eat him as well. Reaching for him and dropping him into her mouth. However she found just like her sister that he went back. She did try to chomp after him but she couldn't keep up with the speed and Time Magician found himself back.

It was the Blue Haired one’s turn. As she reached and grabbed the Magician. The one that turned them old. She grabbed him and stuffed him into her mouth, closing it with a smile as she looked at the other two.

The smile didn't last long though as she could feel Time Magician ramming her teeth getting out. She tried to keep him in, but that didn't work as she opened her mouth and he came shooting out! Landing back in the same spot, only this time a little covered in saliva.

“aw man” Joey said as he didn't like his Monster being treated like a snack.

“You got lucky here Joey, but what are you gonna do next time. I end my turn” Mai said.

Joey drew and found something. Something interesting that might help. This was his last chance.

“Okay, i play Double Summon!” He shouted as the spell card came onto the field “This let’s me normal summon twice in one turn. And i think i will. First of Swordmans of Lanstar!”

Out of the field, came a swordsman. One with armour, a shield, a mighty sword! And a jelly bean head.


As soon as the swordsman saw the three giant older Harpies, he shivered. Scared by them.

Luckily he wasn't going to be on the field for long. “But i sacrifice both of them for my second Summon! Come on out the one! The only! Red Eyes Black Dragon!”

Out of the field rose a mighty dragon. As big as the Harpies it roared. It was Joey’s ace card. His favourite dragon


His dragon while intimidating, didn't intimidate the Harpies. He was still not strong enough to destroy them.

“Nice try Joey. Ill have fun watching my giant Harpies teat your dragon apart.”

“You wish Mai! Cause I'm not finished. Next i play the spell Equip Card. Red Eyes Burn!”

A card came onto the field. It’s picture was of Red Eyes Burning the world. Which was about to be what happens.

“When this card comes into play, it lets me pick my Red Eyes and up his strength. By 600 points”

“Then that means-” Mai said concerned.

“That he can take down those Harpies!” Joey finished as Red Eye’s attack gained.


“Go, Red Flare Attack!” Joey yelled to his monster. Red eyes mouth glowed red, hotter then it ever has before. With a powerful roar he sent out a beam! Sending it straight to the Harpies.

They were big, but not even them could survive this Dragon’s fire. And the fact that all three counted as one was just the icing on the cake.

When the flames died down, all three of the Harpies were gone. Burned into ash. And for the first time this Duel, Joey did damage


“Yeah, this is the start of an epic comeback!” He shouted as he had his dragon before him. A dragon he was sure wasn't going to be beaten.

Oh how wrong he was. There was one monster on Mai’s field. And she can tribute summon just like Joey.

“Anyway i end my turn” Joey said almost forgetting that part.

“Good, i draw! And first i Tribute Summon the One monster on my field. To bring out my dragon. Harpies Pet Dragon!

On the other side of the field, opposite of Red Eyes comes the dragon. With crimson skin and a chain around her neck. She was what some may call the Ace of Mai’s deck.

But compared to Red Eyes.


“That thing cant beat my Red Eyes” Joey said proudly thinking Mai made a mistake.

“Oh but I'm not finished with her. I have a certain Spell card. GTS Vore!”

“Oh no” Joey said knowing the trouble these GTS cards are.

“Thanks to GTS Vore. It does what you think, Grows my dragon!”

Joey could only watch in fear as this already big dragon grew to sizes his never seen before. Towering over his already big dragon, making it seem more like a lizard if anything. Not to mention that Mai and Joey compared to it was little gnats.

“Wow” Was all Joey could say as he looked at the giant dragon. He was proud of his dragon, but he was in awe of her.

“Normally, her effect comes from having Harpies on the field” Mai said to the other. Seeing how Joey was staring up. All he could see was her underbelly though “However she wont need it. Due to the spell card i played. She can pick one Monster on your side of the field and hehe, ill let her show you”

The dragon then brought it’s giant claw down to Red Eyes. Her giant claw being as big as Joey’s dragon itself. It grabbed his Blue Eyes and lifted it up to the Dragon’s mouth. It opened up wide and her teeth was on show. Each teeth being as big as a house to Joey.

His Red Eye’s helpless as it struggled in the grip. The Pet Dragon then brought Red Eyes into its mouth. That was all Joey could see until it closed its mouth. He couldn't see what pain his Dragon was going through, but he could see the result.

As the Pet Dragon had a certain lump go down its throat as it ended Joey’s dragon. Once again he was on the losing side of this duel, and unlike before he cant start a comeback.

It was over now.

The Pet Dragon turned it’s eyes down to Joey and he was scared for a second. He needed to remind himself it was just a hologram.

“Harpies pet dragon. Stomp out Joey right now!”

With a loud ear bleeding roar it raised it’s giant paw above Joey. Like it was eclipsing the sky it was enormous and all he could see was her foot. Then it started to come down, coming down like a meteor as he could do nothing to avoid ti.

He braced for impact as it came down and thankfully it didn't hurt him. Was a Hologram after all. If it was real he would be dead right now.

Opening his eyes, he sees the giant dragon disappear and Mai standing across from him with a satisfied smirk.

“I. Win” She said proudly. This is the first time she beat Joey, and it was all thanks to her new cards.

“Yeah yeah you won” Joey said closing the gap “What were those cards? Where did you even get them”

Standing across from Mai and looking at her, the sun was setting on a good duel. Well a good duel for Mai, not so much for Joey.

“Let’s just say a friend gave them to me” She said liking to keep an air of mystery. However she wasn't done with her fun though. She won the duel, but she wanted a reward from it.

“Huh?” Joey said as he watched her reach into her pocket and grab something. It was a rock, or at least as far as he knew it was a rock. With a weird symbol on the front as well as a gemstone in the middle.

“Hold out your hand?” Mai said to Joey with a smile.

“Wha?” He said confused.

“Just do it Joey” Mai retorted back, showing her eagerness as she held his hand with hers. Then she lifted it up to his face “Now Joey, i need you to focus on the gem in the middle”

“Why? What’s it gonna do?” Joey said as he was unsure.

“I won the duel, that manes i get the reward. Now just stare at it” Mai said with a smirk. She got that Gemstone from a certain Egyptian Friend. The same friend who gave her the cards in fact. Both of them having different, yet the same result.

Joey focused his eyes on the gemstone. Focusing so much that he was unaware of what was happening around him. For Joey it was juts staring at a stupid rock, but for Mai.

It was very different result.

“Mai, the rock ain’t doing anything” Joey said a bit bored and being honest.

“Not true, it did something Joey” Mai’s voice said coming from above “Maybe you should take a look”

“Huh What the!?” Joey said in shock as he looked around. Everything was huge! He shrunk and he was now level with Mai’s boots!. He looked up and saw Mai, just like her Harpies before towering over him!

With her hands on her hips she giggled “Well, i say this is a good reward”

“What the Hay did you do to me Mai!?” he said as he looked at the giant woman who he just had a duel against.

“To the victor goes the spoils. And the spoils this time is you Joey. Now come here, i want to feel you in my hand” Mai the crouched down and brought her hand to Joey. Having her finger spread out as they wrap around the young teenager.

Joey could do nothing as his limbs were pinned to the side and he was lifted up from the ground. Up to her face. He looked at the beautiful of Mai and had to ask.

“What are you going to do to me?” He said to her. He trusted Mai, she was one of his friends. But he also knows Mai, so this cant be all good”

“Thats for me to decide Joey, and for you to find out. Now let’s get you comfortable for the trip back hope”

Mai then moved Joey to the one place he thought he would never touch. Her rack.

Placing him down in between her cleavage, she pushed his head down as far as it can go. Making sure he was pinned and making sure he would not be able to escape.

“Joey, are you blushing?” Mai teased with a laugh. It was a rare sight for Joey “Well don't worry. I will fix that when we get home. And thanks to my Harpies, i have a lot of ideas in my mind.
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