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Essay for Preliminary Examinations : "It was surely a night to remember." Score: 25/30
As I held up the sapphire that hung on the thin silver chain to the radiant orb that dimly lit the black curtains of the night, I leaned against the cold metal armrests with the corners of my lips curled in an affectionate smile. The familiar scent that the sea breeze brought was so nostalgic. A ray of moonlight, carrying a tinge of blue, shone through the gem and laid across my flushed cheek as I reminisced the night exactly a year ago. It was certainly a night to remember.

That fateful day was on Christmas Eve. The streets were crowded and bustling with couples, walking hand-in-hand as the paced the pavements with grins, dimly lit with the light of the row of restaurants down the road. My ears were filled with the cheeky laughter of people, followed by the jingles of bells in the far distance. The Eiffel Tower was as magnificent as ever, adorned in glorious golden lights that stuck out against the navy skies of the night. Snow had yet to fall but it was still freezing cold. My dreadfully thin office wear provided close to no warmth at all, adding to my list of frustrations. I was supposed to meet my fiancé, Jiang Cheng there at the top of the Eiffel Tower, but minutes went by without a hint of his figure anywhere to be seen.

Christmas Eve — I had been waiting that day for months upon months. In fact, it was my only motivation in dealing with the aggravatingly picky clients of mine. As I checked my watch for what seemed like the hundredth time that evening, I heaved a sigh again, exhaling my warm breath onto my cold, numb fingers. I was but a lonesome silhouette blending into the night. As I gazed longingly at the ethereal crescent moon in the sky, the city suddenly went pitch-dark, lit with only the residual glow of the faint moonshine. A blackout? At this time of the year? I panicked. My heart thumped loudly, as if about to jump out of my chest. But it was not loud enough to cover up the hasty footsteps that came with straggled pants for air.

“Merry Christmas, Yanli!” His single voice stood out distinctly in the crowd of hundreds of murmuring. Before I even had time to process my thoughts, a loud burst resounded through the city. A single blazed ascended into the eternal darkness of the midnight sky, blooming in an extravagant pattern that reflected against my glistening orbs. As each flame followed their sky-bound fate, specks of pure white floated from above. The first snow had fallen. I caught the intricately-shaped snowflake on my palm that disappeared within seconds as I gazed upon the bright grin of the male form before me — my fiancé. It all seemed like a dream to me as he strung a bracelet around my thin, pale wrist. It was breath-taking. The sapphire gem that resembled a snowflake left me speechless.

No words were said, we simply watched the last sparks fly off into the skies as the midnight bells rang. The last bits of flame slowly dissipated and all that was left was snow. A Christmas miracle it was, indeed. The city began to light up once again, store by store. It was a sight indescribable in words. It was truly a night to remember.

Here, I stand at the exact same spot as I did one year ago. But this time, I was not alone. Wrapped in the loving embrace of Jiang Cheng, we watched the snow fall, collecting at the sidewalks as the midnight bells rung and resonated throughout the city. Glancing over at each other with orbs that glimmered with insurmountable affection, we whisper to each other, “Merry Christmas,”.

I felt like this was poorly written, but my teachers thinks otherwise so...
Keep in mind the fact that, I'm 16 years old when you're reviewing this, thank you!
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