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A The Taboo Words Contest Entry
“Good lord I hate this stuff,” I thought to myself and let out a little sigh, but these have been my loyal friends forever, and they love it. Even though it was just past two in the afternoon, we were on our second bottle of wine. In fact, a third cork was about to be removed as I opened my presents. My girls are so thoughtful, and do they ever know me. The gifts hit my wants and needs as if they had all thrown darts and hit the bullseye. They were the best, but still the same wild group we’d been for years. I’d settled down a bit, they never had. Well, I knew what was next, singing and me blowing. I chuckled a little as Pam approached.

“Okay, girl, it is time!” She said to me. "You made it around the sun once again!"
“Time for what?” I replied.
“You’ll see. But close your eyes until we say!”
“Sure, sure.”

I did. I assumed it was the usual, so I didn’t peek, even when I heard champagne corks popping and my glass being filled. There was also an odd squeaking, but being in a fancy hotel's private room I’d never been in, I figured it was nothing. When they told me, I opened my eyes, and I was wrong. It wasn’t what I expected at all. Instead of being normal, my crazy ladies had procured one of those contraptions where a stripper usually pops out. The sparklers on it were blazing, and my girls, most who’d been my bridesmaids, were in full volume. Once they finished, the porno music took stage. At that point, I’d had enough.

“Hey! Guys! Just because he left for awhile doesn’t mean I’m not married!” I pointed at my ring.
“Oh, relax Jude. It’s not like you have to drag him up to your room.” Pam replied.
“Not happening!” I shouted over the music.

Only it was. As the song reached the final crescendo, the round box popped opened, and I was so confused for a moment, I froze. The emotion I felt seeing my husband, still in full uniform was too much. But only for a second. I was on him before he could extricate himself, and it could have hurt, but I didn’t care.

“How? Are you on leave?!” I asked.
“No.” He replied. “I put in my papers. I’m home for good.”
“But…” I was speechless.
“Happy…” I smothered his words with a kiss. Then I dragged him up to my room.

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