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by Jay L
Rated: E · Poetry · Emotional · #2200093
Brand new piece of my original writing...
Violent minds of subversion
Still currently under submersion
Becoming increasingly more unnerving
None should be less deserving
Than to have to deal with so much that is burning
It is vital to never stop learning
Maintain a genuine yearning until the tide starts turning
The gestation before the coming restoration
Allowing many to make necessary preparations
It has been a long time in the making
There is not going to be much more waiting
There will be a conclusion to all the debating
Upholding a solemn faith
Only will lead to the glory that awaits
A raising of the stakes
Seems only to escalate
Narrowly avoiding an unjust fate
Now able to been seen by most who are awake
Time to stop chasing
Things to just end up wasting
What was once feverishly cherished
Soon will perish
Rendered to nothing but ash
A memory relegated to the past
Some will be totally erased
Forever gone leaving no trace
The time for dreams coming true
Long has been overdue
Not much more to go through
There will come an obvious cue
Letting most know what to do
A reluctant acceptance
By those still choosing to remain on the fence
Not to be needed with the coming events
Continuing to take sides
Only will prolong this ride
The decision to unite
The only thing that seems right...

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