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Society plays an important role in carving personality of an individual.
Society is major factor in empowerment of an individual. Its contributes towards development of attributes and enables them to become best version of them . The reason is that it provides opportunities to youth to learn , grow and flourish in congenial enviornment . It helps in building character and thrives him towards success path . All the developed nations in the world are prosperous just because these nations focused on development of serene society where all individuals have freedom of expressions , view and emotions without any discrimination of rich or poor or man or woman . The reason behind it is that they know that a noble society yields individuals with remarkable characteristics and have clear vision of their aims and goals . But when people live in society where youth has neither freedom of expression nor opinion then their personalities are exploited and ruined , their skills have no use because society does not provide them opportunities to achieve their aims and goals. Youth of nation should be embellished with talent ,skills and determination. Our society unfortunately targets the youth in negative manner thus neither they are confident nor determined for their goals because society snatches their voices and left them voiceless. The future of nation is youth so embellish them with all skills to survive in this era of advancement.
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