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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Relationship · #2200104
A romantic rendezvous.
Sylvia stared out of her meagerly decorated uptown motel window. Mozart was playing on the radio, but she wasn't calmed by it. Oh she knew quite well what she had to do. She had just checked into this place a day ago. It was across the street from where Bastion said he would meet her. They'd met in Amsterdam in mid September and instantly felt a connection to each other. A handsome and well to do corporate salesman, Bastion became a galvanizing influence on Sylvia's lack of passion, which had quickly twisted itself into a flaming pillar of fire within her chest, even after having only dating on three occasions. You see Sylvia was approaching the age of thirty, and had forsaken the idea of finding true love.

On their fourth arrangement, Bastion told her that he was being transferred to his companies branch in Minneapolis and had to relocate there that very week. He knew it was a bit hasty, but he gambled, asking Sylvia if she would consider moving to the United States. "I can get you a job at my appliance manufacturing plant" He said.

"Oh YES, yes! I want to be with you Bastion!"

"Alright, that's so wonderful Sylvi, I can't let you get away! You make the necessary arrangements and meet me at this address in two weeks."

After a very long hug the two kissed as he made his way to the door. "Oh, I almost forgot I want to place $5,000.00 in your account to help pay for your moving and flight expenses. Can I have the name of your bank?" Sylvia rummaged through her bag and gave him a cancelled check.

When the time came, She left most of her belongings with her brother and shipped a few boxes to Minnesota. The flight was long and the ache in her heart made it feel even longer. When she arrived in the city, she took a cab to the address he gave her. "Danville Manufacturing" was written on the sign above the entry.

"Excuse me ... is Bastion Merriwell available?" the receptionist replied "I'm sorry, Mr. Merriwell was called to Chicago on short notice early this morning."

"Well I was to meet him here today, could he have left a message for me? My name is Sylvia."

"Oh yes, he asked me to give you this."

Sylvia opened the envelope and read "So sorry to run off like this Darling, I've been called to Chicago on business. Please call me tonight. I'll be staying at the Edgewater Inn and should be in my room by eight. The number is 555-329-7701."

So Sylvia found a room for the night, right across from Danville Manufacturing and called the number she was given at eight. "Hello, can you connect me with Mr. Merriwell's room please?"

"I'm sorry, he made reservations earlier but never checked in and hasn't called since." Sylvia hesitated in bewilderment ... then hung up without responding.

The following day, she returned to Danville Manufacturing to inquire of his whereabouts. "I'm sorry, it seems the flight he was on has mysteriously vanished somewhere over lake Michigan. The president of the company has been in contact with the airlines and the authorities as well." Sylvia's face displayed an emotion of shock and despair.

"Well if you hear anything will you call this number please?" Sylvia gave her motel's business card to the receptionist.

"Certainly Miss. We're all keeping our fingers crossed, Bastion is well loved here!"

It was nearing dusk on that early October day as Sylvia sat listening to Mozart while staring out at the company's entry across the street, hoping ... praying that Bastion was alright, that by some awkward chance he was alive. She decided to turn the TV news on to see if there was any information about the flight. "We're sorry to report that flight 5699 has been found with no survivors on board. The plane crashed in Lake Michigan somewhere around 11:30AM. Authorities are studying the wreckage for clues of what may have caused the crash."

Sylvia's eyes welled up with tears as she fell into shock, The sound of the television dissipated and the images on the screen slowed down. She was devastated! Smashing her legs with her fists ... "NO NO NO, this isn't happening!"

Then suddenly, there was a knock at her door. She opened it to find that her Bastion was standing there alive! "Hello darling!" he greeted. Sylvia fell into his arms while collapsing to the floor. He picked her up gently, then placed her in a wing backed chair, fanning her face with the TV guide.

"There there my sweet, it's alright!" Bastion was doing his best to calm her while stroking her tear covered face.

"But how? I thought your plane crashed?"

"It did, but I never made it to the airport. My taxicab driver accidentally hit and killed a pedestrian on the way, so the police took us both in for questioning. I've been at the station all night. It took me most of the day today to return."

A huge smile erupted on Sylvia's face as Bastion helped her up from the chair. He turned off the TV, turned up the radio and asked, "may I please have this dance?"

"Most certainly my love!"

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