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This story is true. It was written in 3 parts as it happened over a one year period.
The Return of the Doe

From the far side of the fence
she looked at me
still as stone, silent as air,
not a flinch,
her nut-brown coat in contrast
with the lush spring grass where
in summer she would blend.
Deep as the forest her lashed eyes
were alert and wide in wonder. Belly swollen
she had come home to birth.
She looked at me.
Her gaze locked with mine.
“I know! I’m a Mom too.” my heart cried,
“But I still can’t let you in.”
Ears lifted and seemed to hear my silent words,
she looked at me
then slowly began to graze.

At the edge of the meadow
she appeared
and approached the fence
knowing I stood near.
Almost disguised
by the brown grass of summer
twin spotted fawns stood like stone
waiting for a signal from their mother.
As if she had brought her babes
for me to see she looked at me,
I smiled
then she twitched her ear
and they disappeared.

Once her haven from a harsh world,
now denied her,
this early Spring
the doe returned with her young
and trespassed.
She slipped inside
through an open gate.
they chose a place to graze.
Unaware of the uninvited
guests I turned my dogs loose for a run,
my wolf-dog and his kennel mate.
Within seconds
the young deer fled
and hurdled the downhill fence
while the doe was spotted, stalked, and cornered.
The dogs approached
from opposite directions
without hesitation they attacked.
She was brought to her knees,
then to the ground
as fangs tore at her throat
and her hide was savagely ripped
from the back of her neck
to the base of her spine.
Hoe in hand,
screaming ignored commands
I pulled the snarling,
blood-spattered dogs from the downed deer
and kenneled them.
The pain crazed doe
looked at me
then rose and charged
the kennel.
Razor-sharp hooves slashed forward
while her hide flapped behind her like a cape.
But her injuries
soon defeated her
and she disappeared into the woods.
I looked for her.
                    - - - Judi Van Gorder

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