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Ways to Teach Children English
What is your feeling when you hear the key word "children"? The monsters from the heaven, the Angles represent God. The present of the pure world gift... and the question mark of how to educate your kids to be a qualified student? In this specific article, I want to share something about my experience in language teaching with some children.
They are aged 3-6. Very tiny and lovely mini monsters. The first class I was asked to be passionate and active. It is somehow difficult. But if you are barricaded in this way, you thought too much before you start. They have a vast heart as the sea, so that they could hardly notice the uninteresting things you made or embarrassed yourself. There are a lot of issues able to make an ordinary guy feel upset for a whole day, and no one would be responsible to make you happy again. So we are naturally thought to be mature and frustrated after troubles or daily routines. Once you open the window when God closes you a door to happiness. You begin to find the meaning stay with the children. They are not interested in your upset emotions and complex reasons for illusions about serious facts at all! No, they even don't notice.

There is one thing in this world you don't need to feel ashamed after you did sth that ugly yourself. That is to make the kids laugh from the bottom of hearts. Even you the daily shaped images and seemed naughty or stupid, they believe in you with the staring eyes and say why?So in this way, you gain a lot o gifts from these little angles. Things are not always optimistic. Especially when you enter the classroom but surrounded by a lot of little friends demanding hugs and attention. Un controllable love and likes crash to you. Sometimes they were harmed by some tender wind so they feel scared, sometimes they feel inured because others pat them by chance, and sometimes they were bitten by the creatures which slightly made them feel uncomfortable..... All these feelings or these small gods make you a little bit crazy, because you never felt this in an ordered mature world before. But still, this is a kind of big surprise. If you talk to them in a way they can receive, they are usually by your side and communicative. All they need is your attitude. The feeling of being cared and noticed.

see, life is as faint as a drama at this period of age.

We use this kind of character to guide the kids to learn new things in language. To create a vivid situation for them, like display the classroom with colorful pictures and toys. This is a symbol of a kingdom that only belong to these little hosts. Also, in the teaching methods: We can create a lot of toys to illustrate the ideas and expand the vocabulary. Flashcards or videos are very useful tools to make them understand an abstract concept or meaning. Games are their favorite choices, you can see an original power and imagination in the games inspired during the process of playing, and that is the best time to transfer new knowledge. When they are happy and excited, they will remember all you said. So to be exact and patient are very important because you are potentially influence them in all the ways.

When they come to you with a smile and say goodbye to you in a lovely tone. Still, you get teaching tasks as well as a satisfied testing results. It will be a bright sunny day.

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