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From somewhere nearby the sound of her cell phone ringing penetrated the thick fog of her mind and a tiny scowl marred Bailey Thompsons forehead as her hand shot out to slap around blindly for the annoying thing to silence it and when her palm connected soundly with a rock hard and totally naked chest she swallowed the dry lump caught somewhere in her throat as her head jerked up so fast the pillow that had been covering it fell unchecked to the floor .

Sprawled out on the other side of her bed was a fantasy man come to life , all lean muscle and well defined washboard abs with a tangle of long thin dreads framing a face that could have been carved by a master artist..a man who looked like he thought he belonged there but for the life of her she couldn't recall his name .

It was perfectly obvious that they'd had sex since they were both naked as the day they'd been born and she had a pleasant ache in places she'd not had them in in almost two years..a heated flush crept up to stain her cheeks at that thought and she drew her hand back quickly .

" Oh fuck me raw --" She muttered to herself , thinking he was asleep since his eyes were closed she let her gaze take a more leisurely tour of his exposed mocha latte complected frame , down to where the very low laying slate grey sheet rested around his
hips , which didn't leave much to the imagination .

" If that's an offer I think I'm up to it , what do you think ? " The raspy rough voice that answered her made her breath escape in a sharp gasp as her emerald eyes flew up to meet his gaze . " Want me to get that for you ? " He questioned when the ring tone started to play a second time .

" No ! " She yelped , acting before she thought through what she was about to do..she just made a wild dive for the nightstand and the phone resting at the base of the light only to find herself sprawled across his lap face down , ass up and the thin fake fur comforter she'd used to cover herself had pooled down around the curve of her firm backside .

She lifted the phone from where it lay and pushed the ANSWER button while scowling at her bed mate because his hand had taken the liberty of caressing her bare bottom..she'd thought about squirming away but his arm resting across the small of her back held her in place across his lap .

" Hell-OH ! " The last part of the lone word emerged from her parted lips as a breathy gasp when his palm connected soundly with one bare ass cheek in a stinging slap that wasn't exactly painful , instead it made her writhe against his touch instinctively , her thighs easing apart just the tiniest bit .

" My bad..Am I interrupting something ? " The too familiar voice was a bit loud because he'd heard the question as well as she did , yet their answers were in direct opposition to each other and she scowled as she rolled from the bed , tucking the thin comforter around her nakedness toga style ." Hey come out here and open your front door..did you get a dog ? There's one out here on your porch . "

" What are you doing here this early ? " Bailey growled , hurrying toward the living room and the front door as fast as her impromptu dress would allow her to move and even at a fast walk she had to grab for the end of the sectional to keep from falling flat on her face.

" You invited me when you called last night , said you needed help unpacking . " The laughter laced voice chortled in her ear and Bailey rolled her eyes , which she was pretty sure looked like a hung over raccoons because she'd fallen asleep with her makeup on then she looked around the livingroom..seeing not only the heavy moving boxes but her lacy bra , her tank top and her bed partners jeans laying on the floor where they'd been hastily discarded the night before .

She unlocked and opened the door to find her friend standing on her patio , a drink carrier in one hand and a huge bag from McDonalds in the other , a bone thin and extremely dirty Ridgeback was sniffing eagerly at the bag and wagging it's crooked and bent half tail warily .

" Come on in..both of you . " She muttered , knowing that she couldn't very well leave the dog out there to starve .

" I wasn't sure that he'd be here this morning but I got coffee for him and cappuccinos for us . " Lyric chattered ans she walked inside..the dog followed more slowly, unsure of what she'd find once she came inside .

" He has a name..It's Dalen . " The raspy growl of a voice brought a fresh flood of moist heat to the juncture of her thighs and Bailey looked around to see him scooping his jeans up off the floor and stepping into them as if he hadn't just strolled from her bedroom in nothing but his plaid boxer shorts . " And I'd love coffee , Thanks . " He added once he was tucked and zipped safely into the low riding jeans and he'd managed to sweep his mop of midback length dreads back from his face .

" Wow..One with manners..I'm impressed . " Lyric teased , placing the carrier and bag on the coffee table then handing him one of the extra large styrofoam cups from 7-11 . " I'm Lyric...Baileys best friend since..well since before being a tween was a thing . " She wrinkled her short nose playfully . " Staying to help unpack ? "

" He has things to do today . " Bailey stated before he could answer , glancing pointedly toward the door , which she'd ;left open in hopes of drawing in a breeze since the air conditioning unit wasn't working and the repair tech hadn't come the day before .

" Yeah, I really do have to go..Nice meeting you . " The man calling himself Dalen agreed , flashing Lyric one of his slow smiles then he turned his murky grey green gaze to her and Bailey swallowed convulsively upon seeing the unspoken promises in the depths of those incredible eyes . " I'll call you later . "

" Do that. " She murmured,easily sidestepping him when he tried to touch her..because if he touched her she might beg him to stay..and if he attempted to kiss her goodbye she was sure she'd never let him leave .
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