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This story is based on the board game called "Settlers of Catan" with a small twist.


This story is about a board game called "Settlers of Catan", the game is basically about you and up to 3 others playing to gather resources like wheat, rocks, sheep, etc. You gather resources to build houses/cities/roads to get to other resources, and can also trade with other players. You win the game when you collect enough Victory points, and Victory points can be obtained through building houses/cities/roads, etc. If you are interested, you can read up the game online for more information. I basically came up with this story when i saw an image ad on Facebook advertising "Catan VR" virtual reality game. If you're wondering why there are so many grammar mistakes, please read my portfolio/bio XD


As you wiped your sweat off your forehead, you look up at the sun peaking over the town's clock tower. You notice that the second hand is about to hit 6 o'clock, you hear its giant golden bell ring 6 times in a row. DING DING DING DING DING DING; The loud rings resonating from the bell echo's through out the small island of Catan. You let out a big sigh and continued harvesting the wheat beneath you. As you harvest the wheat, your mind started drifting away in deep thought of how life was different when your father was still running the family farm. You started having old memories of when you were 11, your father was known as the best farmer in all of Catan, providing food to every local market, feeding all life on the land.
"Will I ever be a great farmer like you, dad" You asked your father

Your father let out a hardy laugh, "It'll take a lot of hard work, but I know you can do it son. I will teach you everything I know and when the time is right, I will be handing the family farm over to you" your father said as he gave a big smile.

5 years later, your father suddenly passed away at the age of 45, leaving his belongings and family farm to you.

You let out a big sigh, "I can't believe it's already been a full year since that day" you thought to yourself as you harvest the last bundle of wheat. You decide to head back into the farm to check up on your mother who has fell ill recently. "Mom, I'm back" you called out as you entered through the front door.

"How was your harvesting this morning, dear"

"Not so well. the crops aren't growing, and the sheep's wool isn't growing fast enough. I tried trading with the neighbouring farm, but he said he doesn't want any wheats. At this rate, we won't be able to put bread on the table anymore. I wish I was a better farmer, like dad was."

"oh honey, don't give up ju.." Your mom replied half way before letting out some terrible coughs.

"Go get some more rest, mom. I'll be heading out shortly to do some trading."

You grabbed the small amount of wheat you have gathered this morning into a hand basket and headed to the town's market. On your way to the market, you noticed black smoke in the far distance of the sea, the object too small to make out. "Probably just another fishing boat" you muttered to yourself. As you entered the market, something caught your eye. A merchant was selling giant barrels with a question mark painted on them, you were curious, so you approached the merchant.

"You look like a smart fella, how bout we do some bartering" the merchant asked "How bout you trade your stack of wheat there for a mystery barrel"

"What do these mystery barrels contain" you asked

"One of the barrels contain stones, another one for bricks, and the last one contains a deed to one of my ports. How bout it, it's a good gamble"

"It is a good gamble" you thought to yourself, "The stones won't be much help, but a barrel of brick would be useful around the farm or for trading away. Not to mention, gaining a port would be huge. I can either rent it out or sell it." You started weighing the pros and the cons in your head, you knew gambling away the wheat is a bad idea, but the barrel of bricks and port deed was tempting you.

You decided to take the gamble. "If I win this bet, we will be able to afford food and a doctor for mom" you said to yourself as you hand your basket of wheat over to the merchant.

"Alright, now choose a barrel" the merchant yelled in an exciting tone. "Now remember, once you choose a barrel, there is no going back".

You thought it out for a little while, trying to think of a strategy or figure out which barrel is which. "hmmm, I choose barrel 2" as you pointed towards it. The merchant gestured you to take the barrel. "It's all yours, good luck".

You walked forward to take the barrel down from the stand, as you tried to lift the barrel, you noticed it was very heavy, so you knew it wasn't the deed to the port. "I still have a chance for the bricks" you thought. As you opened the barrel lid with excitement, you were met with disappointment. You have chosen the barrel of rocks.

"Oh, better luck next time" the merchant wished you with an almost sinister-like grin. You felt like something was not right, so you quickly flipped over the lid of the other barrels. "HEY WHAT ARE YOU DOING" yelled the merchant.

As the lids fell to the floor, both barrels showed nothing but stones.

"I KNEW IT, YOU CHEATED. I WANT MY WHEATS BACK" you yelled at the merchant, catching everyone's attention and stopping them right in their tracks.

As you rushed towards the merchant, two knight guards overheard the yelling and intervened. One of the knights grabbed you from moving any further, while the other knight stood in-between you and the merchant.

"Halt, citizen. You are causing a scene and disrupting the people. What seems to be the issue here" asked the knight in the middle.

As you tried to explain, the clock tower struck 7 o'clock. The bell once again resonated loud rings from the bell, echoing through out the town's market square. You hear a trumpet call and another knight approached form the walkway beside the merchant.

"All presence halt, the king of Catan has now arrived." He announced.

As the king walked forward, reaching center of the walkway, he clears his throat. "Ahem, dear settlers of Catan. Your king is calling in for the tax of stone. Knights, search every shop for stone" the king announced.

"As you command Sire" the knights proudly spoke as they marched forward to each shop, taxing everyone for stones. As the king turned around about to walk back to his carriage, he said to one of the knights "Don't forget about that barrel of stones over there".

As the knight takes your barrel, you try to fight back. "Those are my stones, they belong to me! I need them to afford food and medical care!" you screamed at the knight while trying to pull the barrel from his grasp.

"That's enough from you" said the knight as he signaled the other knights to come. They pulled you away and pushed you to the ground, relentlessly kicking you until you couldn't move anymore. As you lay there unable to move, the knights started walking away with all the stones they can carry. You've been working tirelessly, starved, worried, and beaten, you thought to yourself "This day couldn't get any worst". As you finished those thoughts, another set of loud ringing sounded through Catan. It was a much higher pitch ring and in quicker intervals than the clock tower, it was the emergency bell going off.

As you slowly try to get up, you hear a scream from the distance, outside of the market square area. You lift your head towards the direction of the scream, you see a woman running as fast as she can towards to market square. The women's face terrified, tears ran down her eyes. As the women scream for help, a giant axe pierces her head from behind, cracking her skull in half, the axe stuck in her head but protruding out between her eyes. The women fell to the ground, lifeless.

Seconds later, you hear what seems to be a battle cry. The ground trembling like a massive earth quake. It sounds like a massive herd of buffalos running all at the same time. As the dust cloud started to clear from behind the women, the once shadows became clear view of what was to come.

"BARBARIANS!" yelled the commander of the knights "MEN, TAKE ARMS AND FIGHT". The knights unsheathed their swords and ran towards the upcoming threat, chanting their own battle cry. The settlers ran for their lives as fast as they can. The king, scurried along back into the carriage and took off with haste back to the castle.

As you slowly tried to crawl away to safety with your injuries, the sight that fell before you was utter chaos. The knights fought the barbarians with all their might, but it was no use. The barbarians simply overwhelmed the knights in sheer numbers. Knights and citizens fell one after another, children hiding and crying, women being raped in the middle of the battle field, and buildings being destroyed.

It was a horrible sight that fell before your very eyes and you could do nothing about it, you continued slowly crawling your way out of the battle field and back to your farm. After about an hour of crawling, you finally made it back to your family farm. With the last ounce of energy left in you, you turned around and sat down. You peered at the market square and castle from your hill top farm, black smoke raised from the fire in the square, corpses scattered all around.

You notice that someone was standing at the top of the castle wall. The flag of Catan fell towards the ground, and a new flag unfurled. A flag with a picture of a giant axe silhouette now covers the ruined castle walls. You hear foot steps approaching from your left side, you were scared to turn around but did so anyway. It was the guy from the neighbouring farm.

"Hey, how's it going. Taking a break I see, well you shouldn't work too hard, you look terrible" he said with a smile and a small chuckle, seeming oblivious to what has transpired so far.

"listen. I know I said that I didn't want any of your wheat the other day, but after seeing you struggle and knowing your mom is sick, I am willing to do the wheat for stone trade with you."

"Neighbour, you ok" he asked you as your eyes grow weary. Your eyes slowly close shut. Nothing but darkness. Words start fading brighter and brighter until you can make out the words "GAME OVER". As you take of the Oculus rift from your head, the sales person asked "Hope you liked our demo of the game in VR. Please fill out this comment card before you go"

You read the one and only question on the card, "Please describe in one word what you think of the game". You took the pen and wrote "Traumatizing".


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