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by Paul
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He found more than he expected.
I was walking the Trinities with my gold-pan and family, my dog Daisy and and cat Lilly, looking for gold and Jade. Daisy chased squirrels and Lilly fought with one until she discovered they fight back.

We found an abandoned cabin for the night. I started a fire, made tea and fed us a big steak and baked potato, I shared with the family then burnt the scraps to keep the bears from tearing everything apart. Supplies get hung in a tree too. We were settled for the night and almost asleep when Daisy bounded up. I heard what I thought was animal, but was human, more than one.

I sleep dressed camping, with boots on I was out the door in seconds with a forty-five and a flashlight. Daisy barked causing another scream. "Stay!", made Daisy’s butt hit the porch.

I saw a woman and two kids running. “HELP ... HELP US ... OH GOD, PLEASE—!” When she fell, they all fell.

“STAY THERE! They didn't, falling three more times before I reached them and she grabbed both kids, throwing herself and them into my arms.

Daisy barked and they screamed. “It’s my dog ... LOOK AT ME! ... Panic won’t protect your girls,” and she stepped back from that edge. “I’m cold and I’m sure you are too.” Her expression changed from terror to scared shitless and coddling and pushing got them inside.

Daisy and Lilly calmed the kids and convinced mom I was probably safe. Wrapped in blankets by the fire and hot tea with lots of sugar mom was back, as protective as a leopard with kits when I bandaged the girls. She had a deep scratch on her thigh and had to take her pants off which gave me an errant thought or two.

Two years later she’s like a daughter and the girls my grand kids.

I’m not alone any more.
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