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A Giantess Story About My Little Pony. Giantess: Trixie
“Now, for the Great and Powerful Trixie’s next act. Behold this bowl of water” Trixie said showing the crowd ahead of her what she wants. Letting the crowd down below see the water. The crowd wasn't the biggest that she has got, but it is also not the smallest though. So she cant really screw up right now. It was easy though, she’s done this performance over and over again so that’s not the problem

The problem is...

“I would rather Behold a good Performance!” he yelled from the crowd. He has been doing this over and over again. Loving it and having fun. The rest of the crowd didn't care, but that wasn't the attempt or the plan for him. He was just trying to throw her off.

“Ordinary water, but when I do this. It is not so ordinary” She hit the magic in her horn and she lifted the water out. Created a stream as it goes around

“Please! Ive seen Fillies do that!” He shouted again. She ignored him of course but it was starting to get more annoying.

“As you can see there is nothing in the water. But when I bring it behind my back” She said drawing the crowd in, getting to go all around her body. Going behind her rump. The crowd all gasped when they saw a fish swim through the water now.

All of them started clapping over and over again. Stomping their feet as she felt good about that. She was happy about it, but it then stopped. Her joy as she hears a voice.

“You had the fish in your cape. You aren't that good!” He shouted, laughing. The Stallion being loud and annoying.

She wanted to yell at him very hard, but she didn't. Instead she got a plan. A smile growing on her face. Trixie is far from any saint, and this was about to very obvious.

“Now, for Trixie’s next trick” She said putting the water and the fish back into the bowl “I need a volunteer from the audience”

When she said that, some of them came and wanted to be in. This wasn't a choice though as she knew what she wanted “You, the one who has been intimidating Trixie this entire night. I think it’s only fair that your the one who gets amazed by Trixie’s talent”

“Whatever! I can ruin it up close” He said as he trotted his way up. Getting on stage and of course bowing the crowd. He was bigger then Trixie, a very well built Stallion. Which is gonna make this even better for Trixie when she ruins it for him.

“Now, this is no trick or misdirection” Trixie said facing the crowd “This will be Unicorn Magic. But the kind you've never seen. Sir, what is your name”

“Loud Mouth” He answered back getting Trixie to trip up.

“Y-Your kidding. What actually is your name?” She said as he looked at her.

“Loud Mouth” He replied once again as if it was no joke. She looked at his rump and saw the Cutie Mark to prove it. A mouth with noise coming out. It almost made too much sense

“Well, lets move on. I will hit this Stallion with a powerful magic bolt. One that will change him!”

“What?!” he said as he was starting to get second thoughts. Not that it mattered that much right now as she didn't give him anytime to back down.

“Now, prepare!” Trixie said as her horned lighted out and she moved facing him. She loved the scared look he was wearing. He was an Earth Pony so not much he can do against a Unicorn who already has her horn lighted up.

All of sudden she shot a beam to him. He backed up a bit, the hit knocking him a bit. Thankfully the painful feeling moved quick. She then watched as he got right up into her face.

“What the hay was that! Your lucky i don’t file some lawsuit against you! In fact i just might!” He said as Trixie didn't say anything, instead she only smirked to him. Noticing something he didn't.

The crowd laughing as it seemed to happen. He looked around back to Trixie before saying something that finally made sense to him “Did... Did you grow?”

She turned away from him and to the crowd “Behold! A shrinking bolt! Able to shrink any foe. Created by yours truly. The Great and Powerful Trixie!”

The crowd cheered loudly, something Trixie loved. And the fact that makes it even better was that it was getting back at Loud Mouth. Turning around she could see that he was speechless.

He had his punishment, is what a different Mare would say. Not Trixie “Now, get ready for more bolts!” She said, the crowd cheering as her horn lighted up.

“Wait” Loud Mouth said “Is this about shouting in the crowd before because i-”

“Oh” Trixie said “it has everything to do with that” And with that she hit him with another bolt. Hitting him just as hard as he found his perspective changed once again. Now he was looking up to Trixie. He was smaller then her! He was about a Head shorter but it was enough to scare him. Suddenly she walked right up and she intimidated him with her size.

“So... i guess this is where Trixie ends the show” She said as she then turned around, her cape hitting him in the face. The crowd cheered as she takes a couple of bows and curtsies. However she wasn't finished. Her horn lit up and then fired another one. Hitting it hard in there.

He found himself hit again as he was shrunk down to the size of a child. Getting smaller and smaller.

“Haha! Whoops. I shrunk him down to the size of a Filly. Trixie’s bad” She said playing it off like it was an accident. Getting a laugh from the crowd. “Anyway, thank you for coming. Make sure to catch Trixie’s other shows and goodbye!”

With that the curtains closed. Cutting her out from the crowd, as well as the Stallion she shrunk. She turned to him and now they were alone. They're was a moment of silence until finally he yelled.

“Well are you going to fix this!” He shouted angrily, of course getting her to laugh hard.

“You sound so funny when your angry. A lot less annoying” She said as she then moved towards him “Tell you what, if you want Trixie to reverse the spell. Then take Trixie down”

“W-What?” He said very confused about it. He looked up at the giant mare. Even if he takes this he cant win. “How will i do this?”

“You will, if you want to be bigger” She said offering it. Tilting her head in a condescending way.

Loud Mouth didn't respond. Instead the little stallion backed up a bit. And then rushed to Trixie! He planned to get his size back.

For Trixie it was sudden and although he was the size of a small colt, it still knocked her around. She almost lost her balance. in fact she was quickly titling to the side. He was under her and doing well

Which means she's got to stack the deck even more in her favour. Powering up her horn and hitting him once again.

For Loud Mouth, it was out of nowhere as he felt himself get smaller. He was pushing against the leg, but at the moment he was against her hoof. Her ankles at best.

Suddenly she brought her foot back and kicked the little stallion across the room. Loud Mouth hit hard as he skidded a bit on the floor. He tried to get back up, however Trixie was quick. moving over him as she just intimidated him.

“It’s almost like you don't want your size back” She said in a condescending stance. Loud Mouth got back and angrily ran into her leg. Planning on tripping her up. As he hit her blue fur though, it didn't change anything. She still stood there, she still stood tall and even laughed at his pathetic attempts.

“You know, Trixie doesn't like Hecklers. She thinks she will do this to all of them. After all no one crosses Trixie.” She said as she then lifted her foot over him. He tripped a bit, but that didn't stop though. She stomped down hard on him as he gets flattened onto his side. Over and over again. She stomped over and over. Pummelling him over and over again.

She loved every part of it, until finally she saw that he was out of it. He went into unconsciousness as Trixie planned to have so much fun with him. She needs to get him away from here. Easily levitating his body as she brings him up.

However she noticed that he was a bit too big to really smuggle out of here properly “One little bolt wont matter. He’s small, lets just make him a bit smaller” She said as she fired her bolt again. Shrinking his floating body again.


As Loud Mouth woke up, he looked around very confused as it was dark. The ground under him moving as the grass he was on felt very weird. He look around and found himself in a room, which confused him with the ground.

“Hey!” He said as he shouted out “Is there anyone there! Im stuck in here!”

All of a sudden it all moved. He felt the hat get lifted off as he saw a giant caravan. One that wasn't very spacious but was still very big to him. Suddenly he felt the strange tingle of magic grabbing him as he gets pulled from the grass. Looking down and now seeing that it was actually a Blue Main.

“Oh” He said loudly as he pieced it together and remember the events. Truth be told he would rather forget. He gets pulled down to the giant smirking face of Trixie. She looked so smug and so arrogant, but at the same time she had every reason to do.

“What did you do to me! Im so small!”

“I know, isn't it great!” She shouted loud “Did you have a good sleep. It was pretty easy smuggling you here under my hat. Especially with you being knocked out.

“I was knocked out?” He said as she was more then happy to remind him.

“Yes you are, when i knocked you out with a single foot. Speaking of which...” She then dropped her magic and he dropped, all the way to the ground. He hit hard onto the ground but quickly got up. Earth Pony’s are a lot more durable then the rest. However as he got up, he compared his size to the giant mare. He was like a doll right now, which was terrible for him. Even if he tried to run away, that cant help him. Where will he find a Unicorn big enough to actually help him. He is pretty sure he wont find one.

“Now, The Giant And Powerful Trixie!” She said modifying her word “She demands a hoof rub. Go!” She said out loud planting her foot in front of him. Looking down to him as he was not happy.

“I really don't want to”

“Sorry Loud Mouth, or quiet mouth would be more accurate now” Trixie said with a massive chuckle “Your rubbing my foot right now! Or else ill shrink you even smaller”

He paused and reacted to this, her words were no empty threat obviously and he looked up to her “This... This is kidnapping! Your kidnapping Somepony!” He shouted to her “You will be done for this!”

“Your really begging to get shrunk” She said with a smirk as her horn lit up again.

Now that he was seeing the threat get ready, he did what she wanted “Okay I'm sorry! Ill rub your hoofs! Please don't shrink me”

“Good, now get to it! Trixie needs you to work well” She said as she then watched him trot his way over to her giant hoof. He was so small that she could easily step on him. He was intimidated which made sense.

As he got up close she shifted her foot, letting him see the bottom her hoof. The part that could let her actually get a massage.

“Now, go!” She said as he ran up to her hoof and massaged it. Getting on two legs as he moved around and did his job. Pushing against it, bucking it and even ramming into it with his side. Anything to make her think he did a good job and not let him get shrunk again.

He repeated this four times, as she had four legs and well... she found it quite amusing. Its always nice to get the Bullies working for you. Makes them seem even more pathetic.

She went back and let him work until he stopped. “How long am i going to do this!”

“As long as i want” She said “Which stops now. Let me step on you again!”

“What don't!” He said as he was ready to run. The last stomp knocked him out who knows what this now bigger stomp will do.

“Stay there! If you run ill shrink you down even more” She said with a massive laugh. Seeing how well this got him in line. “Now stay there”

She then lifted her hoof up and she watched as Loud Mouth started shifting and shaking. He clearly wanted to run but he wasn't allowed.

She then brought it down onto him as he was pushed hard into the floor. He didn't like it, but he could do nothing about it. Her sole was on him and was very powerful. He tried to lift it off himself but that didn't work. So he just stood there and took the powerful weight.

For Trixie she was laughing loudly! She even shifted her sole back and forth over and over again. Grinding him into the floor as she cackles loudly. This was too funny and she was having so much.

Suddenly she moved her hoof of him. Placing it down onto the ground as she looks at his almost flattened body. With a massive laugh she mocked him hard. Not even playful this time, instead very harsh.

“Look at you. Im sure your the type of Stallion who thinks he's the best. Who has such an ego that it cant be controlled. Now look at you, flattened under my heel and at my every mercy. Your the weakest Stallion in the world. You couldn't beat a baby. How does that feel. How does it feel to be so small and so useless”

“Shut up!” He shouted back. Loud Mouth having enough and putting his name to work “You don't know anything about me! You don't know my life! You shrunk me and when i get big, I'm gonna make sure you never have another good show. Rumours, I'm gonna spread it all over Equestria! I will ruin you!” He shouted.

She looked down to him, then of course smiled. Those words might of scared a different Mare, but not Trixie. Especially when the threat is coming from a stallion so so small

“Big mistake” She said with a massive smile as her horn lit up. The small Loud Mouth being scared as he knows whats coming next. Laughably and pathetically, he ran away. Running across the floor as Trixie saw. Her large large turning into a cackle.

Whatever he was trying, it was useless. As he will soon find out as she shot her magic bolt. It hit him and had a bigger affect this time. Knocking him onto his rear as he shrunk even smaller. Going from doll size to bug size as she smiled.

Loud Mouth looked around, very terrified as he saw the world get even bigger. It was unfair! She was so big. Twice the size of what she was before. She took a couple of steps forward, the booms hitting as he was scared.

“Are you kidding me!” He said as he looked at the giant girl. What was he going to do now?

Nothing, that was what he was going to do.

She brought her hoof up again and got ready for another stomping. Only this time she wasn't going to be as gentle. Hitting hard as she stomped on his body. Only once. The Hoof being twice as big as it was twice as worse.

She laughed as she lifted her hoof up. Stepping to the side as she looked down at her “Your pathetic, and stupid. Yelling at Trixie! How did you not think this would happen”

He didn't respond, instead just quickly tried to run away. Moving with all his speed as he tries to get out. That didn't work though as she stopped him. Stepping her giant hoof in the way.

She then lit up her horn and grew him up. Bringing him up to her face as she looked over him. He was so small that her pupil was bigger then him.

“Ahhh!” He yelled not liking being so high up.

“Your pretty small, but your still useful to Trixie. Trixie will have a lot of fun hurting you”

He couldn't say anything, fear getting the best of him. She then moved him around and placed him onto a table nearby. Pushing him hard into the table. The gravity adding as he gets pushed hard.

“Ahhh! Come on!”

“So weak” She said mocking as she moved her cape and hat. Placing it down onto the side as she looked down to him “Your gonna get punished. Right here and right now!”

“Let me go!” He said still trying to get out of the way.

“Tell you what, if you can fight your way out you can escape the punishment... Yeah that is what i thought”

He was struggling, but it wasn't helping him at all. Which makes Trixie smile even more. She then opened her mouth slightly and hanged it over him. He was concerned and perplexed at what the giant mare was doing, however he understood what it was when he saw something drip down her mouth. Very surprised as he start bringing down some spit. Hanging from her mouth as it goes over her legs. He was amazed as it was like a waterfall above him, slightly coming down slowly. The speed making it even worst to him.

“Please don’t!” He shouted, wiggling and moving in her magic. He was far to weak though. Trixie was a powerful unicorn. Even at normal size that chance of this stallion breaking out is low, but at that size it was impossible.

It did get a good chuckle from Trixie though. She sent down her spit, and it landed down onto him. Hitting him right in the face as he got covered with the spit. It was weird being covered in this goo and he hated it. He tried to close him mouth to make sure it wouldn't enter him, but his nose and his ears still got it. For Trixie she wanted with an amused look as he got soaked and covered in her drool. Eventually she cut off the line, letting it fall all on him as he was under it. her magic still pinning him down, she watched with amusement as he continued to struggle for the next couple minutes. Just trying to get out while not being able to.

Trixie would enjoy this all day, but she has a new plan in her mind. A plan that made her smile widely. With her horn lighting up once again. She shot another bolt right at him.

For Loud Mouth, he didn't feel anything. Instead all he felt was the magic coming off of him. Now that he was free he tried to get out. Jumping off the ground under him and swimming up for air. He has been trying to hold his breath this entire time and he has been doing a good job at it. He kept swimming up and kept swimming up as he had to think, how much drool did she do! He felt like he was swimming in a pool or a stream.

Regardless he got to the top, pushing through the surface as it was much harder to do. Since the spit is less liquid and more... disgusting.

At the top he looked up to see Trixie’s face, and what he saw broke his heart even more. She was twice the size as before! Towering over him like a mountain’s face. he didn't spit more on him, she just shrunk him!

“Why did you do that! I didn't do anything that time! This is so unfair!” He shouted up to her, his coat covered in her saliva as he was angry. Not a smart move but fortunately for him... or you could argue unfortunately

“Hahahaha. Trixie Can’t even hear you! Your so quiet, and small!” She said as that was such a heart break to him “Loud Mouth, and you cant even be heard. But you can be grabbed”

Her horn then lit up again as she then lifted him up. Out of the spit which he was happy about, but then right up to her giant face. She brought him right up to her eye. Her giant pupil looking over him as she could see the Stallion having a terrible day. He was tired, sad, angry and pretty much everything bad.

After what happened to him though, it made sense.

“Well, I think you've almost learned your lesson. You only have one more place to visit, and lucky for Trixie. It is the worst one” Suddenly she opened her mouth wide. Letting Loud Mouth see the gigantic mouth in front of her.

Her giant lips on the floor and the roof. Her teeth acting like the first wall into the mouth. The tongue looking like a beast to him and even worst the back of her throat. Acting like a trap hole into her.

He didn't even struggle, because he was never given the chance. He gets tossed right into the mouth as he found himself placed right onto the teeth. The magic leaving him as he lands hard. He gets up quickly as he looks around. He wanted to go back outside, but with the teeth coming down he had to make a move.

Trixie brought her teeth closed and closed her mouth, she then felt him jump off her teeth and down into her mouth. It was faint, and barely identifiable. But she could feel it, and she plans to mess with the now minuscule stallion.

For him, it was a giant dark cave. Big enough to be a mansion to most ponies. He was afraid, sticking by the row of teeth not wanting to go in any more. He looks forward and around, checking the place.

His heart sank though as he watched something raise from the ground, and turn to him. It was red, long and covered in taste buds. It was her tongue.

Although to him, it was a giant red worm capable of flattening him using only a portion of its body.

It came for him and he tried quickly to run away, but at that size he couldn't. It hit him hard, grabbing him and tossing him into the tongue. He hit hard against the teeth as the tongue kept pushing him. He was pinned by her tongue as he could do nothing about it.

Eventually though, she calmed down and pulled her tongue out right into the middle. Much to his chagrin and much to her joy, he was stuck to her tongue. Right onto the tip as he found himself sinked in. He couldn't pull himself out, no matter how much he wanted to.

He was trapped in her tongue, which means Trixie was gonna have more fun. She then proceeded to ram him into every part of her mouth. He was on the tip of her tongue so it was very easy. She rammed him against the roof, she rammed him against the bottom. The teeth. The cheeks. Curly her tongue to ram him against her tongue. She even played with him with her uvula.

She couldn't hear it, but he was screaming his little mouth off when he was over her throat.

Finally she pulled back, sticking her tongue out and looking at it. He was so small and so insignificant. He was on one of her taste buds and looked so small. It was almost like a cushion for him.

Loud Mouth looked at her giant face and wondered what she was going to do to him next. But when he saw the pillar of a horn light up once again, he knew what was happening. He couldn't even move as it was coming to him.

The bolt hit him, running through his body as it happened so fast. The Taste Bud he was on, no longer being a seat but rather a giant pod. A place where he could fit a dozen people his size on. Not to mention her face became twice the size, almost becoming the sky from his view.

Trixie giggled as she could barely see him at this point. He was just a small dust mite to her now. It made her feel powerful, no doubt about that.

This was the most fun she has had in a while. She needs to do this again! Obviously not with this jerk, but with a stallion who actually appreciates her.

She used her magic to raise him up, literally the lightest thing she's ever lifted. Something she found humorous. She hovered him over her face as she looked at him.

“Well, as fun as this has been. Trixie think its time to bring our fun to an end” Trixie said as he was about to cry out in joy. This horror show was about to end. Happiest thing in his life.

Well, it was until Trixie said the next part “But you're not gonna grow big... no your gonna shrink. Even. Smaller” She couldn't make out his face, but she can imagine it went white with fear.

“You see I think I've found exactly where you belong. Living on Trixie’s body, like the little flea you are”

He struggled and cried out, not wanting to be subjected to that life. However being so small he was once again not heard.

Ironic given the name

“Since I hear no protests, I guess you're okay with this. This little fun of ours seemed to really change your opinion of the Great and Powerful Trixie. Got to admit, your not the only one. Now” She said bringing him up to her eye. Seeming so big to him.

“Your small... but not small enough. Seems like one more should go” She then brought him up and brought her right to her horn. She then lit it up and he could only watch as the cannon that was her horn fired at him.

Shrinking him down once again. Now being half the size, her face literally took up his world. It was the only thing he could focus on, and it was the only thing he could see. If he looked at anything in the distance, it would hurt him.

He then found himself going faster then a Wonderbolt as he was hurled around to her back. The blue forest being under him as he found where he was going to live.

“Have fun Flea, i’d say we would meet again, but I imagine you will be done for in a day or so. Maybe when Trixie takes a bath” She said as she showed exactly what was she thinking

“Goodbye Flea” She then brought her magic down, her hair getting closer and closer as it got bigger. He was brought down and her blue hair was now like towering pines to him. He was dropped on her pale skin as he then looked around. Her magic gone and trapped like a flea on her body, what was he going to do! Trixie moved her entire body, moving around as she laughed.

This could not have gone better for her, not only shutting up one of her haters but getting some fun out of it as well. Of course some may scold her for what she did. More specifically Twilight Sparkle. But she doesn't need to know and it’s not like she will ever find out what she did to the small stallion.

As she gets ready for bed, she actually forgot all about the stallion. Like a true flea on her body, he wasn't worth thinking about. He was nothing but a bug who will be gone in a couple of days. After all, it's not like there will be much to eat.

She wouldn't say the same thing with drinks cause lets face it. When she will wash her coat, he will get washed up by the water. It would be more like a tsunami then anything.

Regardless she wasn't worried, and she wasn't thinking about it. All she did was go to sleep, sleeping on her bed as she prepares for a good sleep. After all she will have many more shows in the future and she needs to be well rested. 

She does make a pact with herself though to do this later on. Treat herself as tonight was really nice. Maybe she won’t make the other ones live on her body, depends on what Trixie thinks of them and their attitude.

Have a terrible attitude and rude personality like Loud Mouth. And you will end up living on her body. Be a kind fan, then well... maybe you will end more and more lucky.

Lucky with ‘The Great And Gigantic Trixie’
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