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Maxwell, has two kids and needs help looking after them. That's where Boyd comes in.

Maxwell sighs as he looks at the divorce papers in his hand. They are signed to finalize the divorce between him and his wife Kate. The woman he has spent eight years of a wonderful relationship with one that existed out of love and friendship. All thrown down the drain because Kate decided to run off with her boss.
When Kate decided to run off with her boss, she also decided to leave Maxwell alone with the two kids they have together. She granted him full custody over the kids so she wouldn’t have any headaches.
Kate wanted to embark on a new life and she didn’t want to accept her duties from her ‘past’ life with her, she told Maxwell oh so nonchalantly.

Maxwell runs a hand through his brownish locks and lets another sigh escape from his lips. He wonders how someone can think of their kids as a responsibility. Especially when Kate wanted the kids as much as Maxwell wanted the kids but now, she’s leaving them behind as if she never wanted the kids.
Maxwell doesn’t mind having the full custody and responsibilities of them, because he loves his kids. Nonetheless, it’s hard to take care of them and work full-time to support them.
The kids have had countless nannies already at the time that Kate has left them, none of them suitable enough to take care of the kids. All the nannies were either too awed of the place Maxwell owns, or too awed by Maxwell his appearance.

Because of the bad luck with nannies, Maxwell has decided to expand his search for a nanny. He found out that next to a nanny he could hire an au pair, or that he could hire a childminder at home to take care of the kids.
Maxwell never thought of bringing the kids to a day-care, because he wanted to be able to see his kids the moment he came home from work and having a nanny at home was the best op-tion or so he thought before he expanded his search.
Maxwell had browsed a lot of sites about childminders and au pairs before he decided to go with an au pair. That way the kids would have someone they know around every day of the week and if he had a business trip, he could ask the au pair too.
Other than that Maxwell wanted an au pair he was hoping to find a male one because all the nannies he had were female and that didn’t go as well as he thought it would go. Because the males always seemed less awed with him, thinking he was just an asshole who is stuck up. Even though a lot of guys think Maxwell is a stuck-up asshole once they get to know him, they think differently of him and they always have respect for him.
Maxwell found a site called ‘aupairlife’ where he found more information about getting an au pair and which papers are needed for him and the au pair to have him fully registered to work for him.
After reading a lot about au pairs he decided to sign up right away for the site and since then he’s been searching full-time for an au pair.
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