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Little explaination required!
What is it that makes me so repulsive?
Are my features not compulsive?
I am not a beauty, nor devine,
But I know in some ways that I shine.

Why don't you want me in any way?
If you think I'm ugly just walk away.
Don't let me think I have a hope.
Your rejection makes it hard to cope.

I think you're handsome; I feel attracted.
It's not reciprocated from the way you've acted.
You let me think I have a chance,
Flirting is your cue to advance.

I've given to you my body and heart,
But you think of me as another tart.
Just an easy mark to mistreat and use.
Behaviour I justify and excuse.

After every act I feel despair,
I cry and sob over our affair.
Never touched or even kissed,
It's like my needs don't exist.

You crack a joke, like all is fine,
You got yours, what about mine?
I'm tired of feeling beyond frustrated.
I walk away feeling so deflated.

I'm not some whore to satisfy you,
I have desires and urges too.
I don't give myself to everyone,
When all is truly said and done.

I'm not a slut or easy lay;
I do like to have fun and play.
That doesn't mean I'm without feeling,
I'm fed up of being so unappealing.

Please just once - put me first,
Because I'm about ready to burst.
I want your body, to have some fun,
For the love of God please make me cum.
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