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by Lovina
Rated: E · Short Story · Supernatural · #2200297
Weird Tales Contest Entry September 2019
Tabby walked steadily, her large shoes plopping with each step. It was dark as pitch in the woods yet she saw everything she needed to see.

Sidestepping a large tree stump she made her way into the meadow. The first to arrive she took a seat on the large rock that sat in the center of the cleared space.

To her right a sharp crack and burst of light announced the Demon's presence. It threw a fireball at her before it's sudden entrance could even be fully appreciated.

Tabby dipped a shoulder, allowing the fireball to pass, then slowly rose to her feet.

Another crack and light burst brought a slightly taller little demon, it's skin burned a fiery red in the fading glow.

She watched them come, one after another, until thirteen surrounded her. The last just a bit of a thing, it's spiked tale snapping to and fro.

Tabby said a quick spell as she held her hands out in front of her. Purple sparks flew from her fingertips. Spirals of electricity started in the palm of each hand and slowly spun out past the fingertips leaving a cylindrical paddle like shield.

A fireball flew straight for her head, using her new shield she swatted it aside.

The thirteen started throwing them as fast as they could, one right after the other. Tabby spun, ducked, twirled, swatted, leaped, and batted for all she was worth. On more than one occasion she was able to send the fireball back to the little demon that pitched it. Having it's own energy returned in such a fashion left the pint size monster lying immobile and smoldering in the burnt grass.

The night, bright as day, smelled of burning grass and smoking demon hide.

As the fray continued more and more steaming red bodies lay prone around the tired witch.

Suddenly a gong, loud as thunder, sounded in the small space and everyone stopped, frozen in the stance of battle.

Tabby slowly stood up straight, recited the spell to remover her hand shields, and looked cross-eyed at the tip of her nose where an errant fireball had neatly trimmed off the wart that had been there leaving a bright pink spot in its place. When she finished inspecting her nose she noticed one of her shoes was quickly filling with burning embers and promptly doused it.

"Okay class," making sure her voice carried to all, "Harold, Karl, Leroy, Buck, Reginald, Davis, Mitch, and Oliver you have failed your final exam. You will try again next week, same time, same place." Tabby then spoke the necessary spell and all the fallen groaned as they struggled to their feet.

"Martin, Tony, Kenneth, Balthazar, and the mighty little Archie, congratulations, you have passed. Starting tomorrow you will move up to the next level."

Tabby checked to make sure everyone had returned to mobile status. "Okay class, fall in, we shall walk back to school."

Word count = 487
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