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A young artist shares their activity with her boyfriend, only he has a different idea.
Every weekend, a vibrant young lady frequented her local park, with an easel in hand. On a bench, she'd be sat: at the heart of the recreational grounds. Soaking inspiration as the World passed on by at a gentle pace. She would sit and fixate on every detail that presented itself; from the spontaneous shapes in the clouds above, all the way down to which direction each blade of grass was being blown.

One day, she became taken off guard as her boyfriend insisted with joining in. This man possessed no strengths with drawing, but he begged relentlessly to partake.

When that time came, an agreement was made to conceal their easels from one another, until finishing the final touches were made. Once finished, they would both give an explanation to the thought process behind their drawings.

The lady spent hours creating her boldest illustration yet. Through the corner of her eye, she clearly saw that he accomplished all he wanted earlier, but she continued to glance towards him, appreciative to his unfaltering patience. Upon completion, she immediately presented her easel, red-faced with glee, ecstatic to share her work.

“It’s a bird, soaring up towards the endless sky. It represents hope, like finding you in this big city” she explained.

He then presented his work to her, remaining silent. To her surprise, she found only a white page with a golden circle etched into the centre. The circle almost looked real to her. She scratched over it with her nail to investigate and realised it was a real gold ring carved into multiple sheets of paper.

“What do you think this means?” she asked.

“This blank space represents the cherish moments I need you to capture, after doing me the honour of becoming my wife” he replied on one knee.
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