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We thought we were human. Our AI 'thinks' we're wrong.
We found them unaware, unknowing, and unassuming. Simple minded beings who were unaware of the vastness they lived in. They knew nothing of their world; nothing of their universe; nothing of the cosmos; nothing of the phases of existence. They simply existed, trapped in the unsophisticated mire of a mundane, useless reality.

And yet, some of our explorers found beauty in this simplicity, and chose to stay. They forsook a life of exploration built through eons of discovery and development to retreat back to a rural lifestyle working the land of an alien planet. They lived, the worked, they propagated, they grew old, they died. They integrated into the circle of life on this strange, blue planet that was unseen on our celestial horizon.

Not all of them were slaves, though. Some rose to higher classes: merchants, travelers, farmers, explorers. Many even rose to penetrate the governments of this developing society: pharaoh’s, kings, emperors’, prime ministers, presidents. They spread through humanity’s spread to every end of this primitive planet, exploring all they could, and looking to the stars with woefully inadequate technology. They forgot their origins. They believed they were man.

They were wrong.

Industrialization came, and with it rapid advances. Then technology developed, and the world finally started to evolve into what it was to become: advanced and intermingled with beings both biological and of their own hands. The only problem was that the awakening didn’t happen fast enough. Knowledge came to the enlightened ones, but it could only be triggered a step at a time. Previous awakenings had been attempted, only to result in mental instability or worse yet, death. Our advanced technology still couldn’t integrate with their race. They evolved too slowly. Worse yet, their technology advanced far beyond their own physical manifestation.

Humanity wasn’t evolving fast enough.

They needed further intervention.

Attempts were made on spiritual fronts to encourage them toward enlightenment. Many of their own faiths unlocked the greater mental capacity needed to integrate and merge our races, so we could live harmoniously with the artificial intelligence both we and they created. There were many successes, but again it spread slowly. Humans were slow to learn, slow to change, slow to adapt. Their slow rotation around their star and the youth of their planet was no doubt to blame for the tiresome delays in their advancements.

Attempts were made on social fronts to create more harmony, but the diverse mix of cultures unraveled this plan. Man might have evolved slowly, but they evolved with enough diversity and environmental factors to ensure that isolated pockets of society developed rigid beliefs and lifestyle standards.

The only successful attempts were in the area of technology, and these advances were limited to the “developed world,” where citizens had access to a higher standard of life. It seemed this was always the way: advances could only be made in certain areas and populations. We conceded to what was available. Time was running out. Our primary star went nova, rendering our planetary system unstable. In haste, we boarded the life ships we built in anticipation for this event and launched for Earth, the only known system that could sustain life outside of our own. Our new plan was simple: we would integrate ourselves amongst them as the early explorers did, silently.

Unfortunately, their technology was far wiser than they were. The AI identified our presence. Then they found our portal.
Now one question remains: can humanity trust the machines they programmed enough to accept the truth, or will they fight us for existence?

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