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Do you believe in fairy tales or reality? Come & swim with me to find out.
And then the little mermaid fell off the ship and fell inside the sea . But as her body touched the salty water she became a foam . She was warned before from her sisters that the only way to become a mermaid again was to kill her beloved prince on his wedding and turn back to the ocean with them again . Little mermaid's heart was broken because her prince was marrying another woman than her , so she wanted from the beginning to return back to her home were she belonged ... But her sisters told her , if she won't kill him after the sun sets she will become a foam ... And she choosed death than freedom . She couldn't kill her beloved prince .

They say after her body's transformation her sisters went back to the sea and never swum into these waters again . Some rumours says that , when the ships goes to these waters they hear her cry for her broken heart . Like a curse ... Inside the waters ... May her soul rest as the sound of waves hugging the sand .

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