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This is an assignment i got in english, my teacher said it was good so i decided to share.

Where am I from?
Father- dad, mother- mum?
True that may be,
What makes me...

I love the outdoors, rough they may be
I'm not tough but that's just me.
The crisp air, the cool breeze,
The soothing sound, no jingling keys.
The caw of the birds,
Cannot be described in words.

I love games,
Video, board, card-
even though it sounds lame.

Im shaped by my grandparents, who live in north dakota.
Because of them I say pop not soda.
My grandfather has lived on a farm his whole life
So when I come visit, the rules have no strife.

An escape from the world,
A rock where the water swirled.
Games are there for me,
Wherever I may be.

I enjoy learning,
I crave the feeling of my gears turning.
At an early age
Education was anything but beige.

Nose in a book,
Where whole worlds shook
Kingdoms fought
I loved them a lot.

The way that i am
The things that i do
Im shaped from my world
And you are too.

This is what makes me...
But what makes you you?

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