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Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Drama · #2200405
While trying to figure out their situation, Kayla is surprised by an unexpected reunion.
Chapter 7

"What do you mean you can't find them?!" Audrey shouted at Dani and Lydia, "They were right there! How could they just disappear?!"

"I told you they didn't! They just shrunk! We just need to find them!" Dani was searching the desk, sending papers scattering dangerously about, not noticing Erika and Kayla dodging the random swipes she made.

"She's too panicked to notice us!" shouted Kayla, "What do we do?!"

"Take shelter somewhere!" yelled Erika. Kayla did as she was told by hiding behind the shrinking machine while Erika dove into a teacup that was on its side. She sat up, making her round belly, still exposed, spill over her spandex, making it inflate and deflate as she panted heavily, and fanning herself as she sweated from the ordeal.

"Oh my God. I lost our boss!" panicked an increasingly hyperventilating Lydia. Luckily, Dani intervened.

"Easy. Easy. Just calm down." She seated Lydia in a chair, rubbing her hand to calm her down, then turned to Audrey. "Get her something to drink. She's quite fatigued."

Audrey obeyed and picked up the teacup, not knowing that her boss was inside it. Erika was forcibly rolled over until the teacup was in its upright position in Audrey's hand. She was laying on her back, nervous as to what was going to happen.

Meanwhile, Audrey was looking for a beverage to put into the cup when she noticed a teapot hissing out steam. "Oh good, I see you have some tea." she spoke, grabbing the pot and hanging it over the cup. Erika looked up and saw the large spout with a steaming hot tea drop sliding out. She attempted to back away as far as she could with a look of terror on her face, but the cup was too smooth and she kept slipping every time she tried to move upwards. With beads of sweat on her face, she gave up and placed her hands over her eyes, trembling with fear as she waited for the inevitable scalding downpour.

But as she thought of her room, she peaked through one hand to see that the drop seemed to have a rubber-like texture about it. It was coming down much slower than normal, slightly bouncing as it descended, but showing no sign of stopping. Then she noticed that drop was aimed at her bare, fat belly and it was getting closer. Out of surprise, Erika sucked in her belly as fast as she could, her fat jiggling as she pulled it in as quick as her body would let her. The tea drop bounced for a second, then continued to come down. She forced her belly inwards until her limit was met, but the drop just continued downwards. Erika's eyes were wide and she was shivering fearfully, knowing she had only saved a small amount of time until she'd be burned alive, the heat being so unbearable.

"Eh never mind. She's getting better." Dani spoke up. Then she turned and saw what Audrey was holding. "Especially not that! That's not edible!" Audrey shrugged and pulled the pot up, not noticing the rubbery drop, which slowly rose from Erika's belly. She let her fat out cautiously, her lips still quivering and her body still sweating, despite a decrease in heat. Audrey set the pot and cup down, unaware that she nearly drowned her own boss.

After catching her breath, Kayla peaked out from behind the machine to see Erika jump out of the cup and race over.

"Come on Kayla, let's try to get their attention now." Kayla nodded and the two walked out from behind the machine to wave down their peers.

"Will one of you turn on that fan for me?" asked Lydia weakly. Audrey obliged and the breeze hit the little women fast and pushed them off the table into the air.

When they awoke, they found themselves in a strange cavern like area. "When did we get blown here?" asked Kayla. "How did we survive?"

"We must've been pushed into a crack in the wall," stayed Erika, "but I don't know how we landed without a scratch." The two noticed that their surroundings consisted of three walkways: a fork to the right and a straight path to the left. "Which do we try?"

"The single path," replied Kayla, "that way we won't get separated." The two started down said path until they heard footsteps. "Who's there?" she called. Then she heard a voice.

"Kayla!" There were two teenaged girls, about high school age: one with brunette hair and a round belly that hung out from her tan-yellow shirt and over her blue jeans, the other with darker hair and thinner. Kayla suddenly recognized one of them.



Kassandra Peters grabbed a large bag of her tools, squatting in the back of the mission van as she prepared to sneak into Katrina's mansion. This was her first solo mission since she had turned 18. She was 5'1" with long, black hair and some freckles on her cheeks. She was best known around the agency for being small enough to fit into places her much taller peers couldn't, hence her nickname "Mouse."

The problem was that her black suit had shrunk in the wash, and she didn't realize this until she had changed. Though her black jeans were tight, her black shirt was so tight that it exposed her fat, plump belly entirely, which was so rotund that it made a complete circle. That said, her fighting skills weren't anything to joke about.

"Ready Mouse?" asked Dani from the driver's seat.

"You bet. I'll be in and out in no time." replied Kassandra cockily. Before she jumped out of the van, she saw Dani pick up a walkie-talkie. Probably to report to the Captain, thought Kassandra. She snuck up to a window on the side of the house, pried it open and squeezed through, with her fat making hard to do. She eventually succeeded and landed hard enough to catch the attention of the guard in the room, which happened to be Lydia Thomson.

"Hey!" Lydia exclaimed, but was rendered unconscious with a swift punch to the gut and whack to the neck.

"Hah. Piece of cake," Kassandra gloated to herself. But then she heard voices that were approaching fast. I bet I could take them she thought. Then she remembered what Captain Eliza said: "be careful." Or was it Commissioner Sybil who said that? It certainly wasn't Captain Lenny. Granted, it's not the most insightful advice Kassandra thought but I'll take it anyway. So she hid under the nearest desk mere seconds before the group entered: Katrina Von Hayworth and her "Maniacal Six."

"Alright everyone, take five," Katrina ordered the henchwomen, "and when are shrink ray is done, hand it to our Rat. She'll know what to do."

Know what to do? What could that mean? Kassandra wondered as the group dispersed.

"Sharp Toe, go check the desk for the Rat's number, I seem to have lost it." ordered Katrina. Sharp Toe sat at the desk Kassandra was under and it was then that the rotund agent learned where Sharp Toe got her name: protruding from her shoes were two pointy blades with very sharp tips.

"Oi down't see et," said Sharp Toe. She pulled her seat forward, making her shoe blades slide forward as well. Kassandra jumped backwards from the blades facing her bare tummy, swallowing nervously.

"You must be missing it, it is in there," responded Katrina, "probably deep in the drawer." Sharp Toe moved her seat forward some more, with her feet jabbing at Kassandra's gut. Kassandra gasped and shivered, with her back against the front of the desk, trying to stay silent. Sharp Toe kept searching and moved her feet and, by extension, her blades closer to the hidden agent's tummy. Kassandra sucked in her belly as far as she could to keep a distance between her and the pointy footwear.

"Wai'. Oi think Oi feel et. Et's stuck in the bahck!" exclaimed Sharp Toe as she leaned in further. The knifed loafers approached Kassandra's pulled in belly, her anxious look turning into a frightened one, her lips beginning to quiver at the sight of the blade moving closer to her midriff.

"Got et!" shouted Sharp Toe. She removed herself from the desk and walked away. Kassandra kept her belly sucked in, even after Sharp Toe seemingly left the area until she heard the door open. She let her fat fall out, her heart rate starting to slow down. A relieved smile appeared on her face and she began to plan her next move.

"Oh," added Katrina, "and grab that little mole under the desk, will you?"

In that moment, Sharp Toe showed her face and glared daggers at the agent. Kassandra started to move in a panic, but realized it was futile. "With pleasure..." said Sharp Toe, her glare lowering to Kassandra's belly. "Look at tha' fat!" She licked her lips at the sight. Kassandra pressed herself against the desk as hard she good, trembling as Sharp Toe reached for her.
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