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A 21 line acrostic poem; my celebration of happy 19th WDC Birthday

N ineteenth WDC Birthday!
I s significant to my life came a one more gifted day
N o job other than writing makes my day
E very day I work on WDC as I make it feasible
T ime is scarce but I visit WDC as time is available
E xperience a day as I keep learning and writing
E very minute I enjoy life and learn good writing
N ever have I felt bored at reading and writing
T hat at WDC I invest most of my precious time
H omely I invest most of my alpha gifted time

W DC Birthday
D esperately anomalous I never visit WDC any day
C almly I do my activity at WDC each gracious day

B irthday
I do celebrate all days as an integral festive day
R outinely I try to avail of services WDC provides
T hese birthday festive days offer challenging services
H ourly I try to work on at WDC as I avail resources
D aily I visit WDC for my passionate skill development
A free accessible WDC I like for my alpha development
Y et a lot more journey to make for my writ movement

Author’s Notes:
Less punctuation is intentional
Repetition is not whimsical
Alpha means word and writing
Writ means writing

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