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I had an assignment from my class! :-)
I had an assignment from my creative writing class to write an "essay" called "What I Didn't Do Last Summer"

What I Didn’t Do Last Summer

         I didn’t get to win one billion dollars and jump up and down with overwhelming excitement. I didn’t get to buy a teal and black vacation house on Sanibel Island, finding conch shells every day and playing in the sand. I didn’t buy two hunter jumpers for Mommy, with a luxurious stable that had obstacles in its show rings that the horses could launch over.
         I didn’t get to buy a museum, filled with glass display cases for all of my thousands of nutcrackers. I wasn’t able to buy collectible Minecraft figures and didn’t get to sell them for double the original price. I couldn’t adopt sixteen more cats to play with in the day and snuggle with at night.
         I also didn’t get to give one million dollars to all of my closest friends. I didn’t buy Apple computers to fill up every room of my new mansion that wasn’t filled with diamond chandeliers. I couldn’t buy hundreds of bitcoin in which to invest and resell later. I didn’t even get to say that I still had 900 million dollars left.
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