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Rated: E · Novella · Action/Adventure · #2200454
Little Octane/Lifeline thing. Enjoy and smash like.

🖤Love and Legs🖤
A short story

“Huh, Lil’ Che’s got guts.” There were too many of them. From where Ajay was standing, there seemed to be four or maybe five kids. All where bigger and quite possibly older. Maybe. She was scared, which she should be. She knew there were two things they wanted, and neither where good.

“Hey, leave her alone! What did she ever do to you?” Ajay turned to her savior. Great. The small boy standing as menacing as he could, did not inspire confidence. Nor did the person inspire her anymore than his height. Octavio wasn’t only prone to stalking her, he also was somewhat in love with her. “You better leave her alone or I’ll mess you up big time compadre.”

“Huh, it’s that little freak. The son of that drug mogul. Yo, Riot, waste ‘em.” Ajay could only watch as the older boy soundly trounced Octavio. Sigh. She knew this wasn’t going to end well.

“Ok, ok, listen. I’ll give you what you want. Twenty dollars right? Here, just take it and let him go.” Ajay suddenly felt a lot more nervous than before, “Just let him go, ok?”

“Fine, take the kid. But just remember to bring more, and remember what happens if you don’t.”

Ajay sighed. She then turned over to Octavio.”You ok? They didn’t hurt you, no?” Ajay severely hoped not. The last time someone got hurt, well things didn’t end well.

“Yehaha. If those kids would’ve come a step forward I woulda shown them” Octavio said, bouncing from leg to leg. “They woulda neva seen me coming. I can run so fast, that by the time they caught up, I wouda”

“Ok, I get it. But listen, you gotta watch out for those guys. They’ll mess you up if they get the chance.” Ajay sighed. When will her life ever get easier?

“Master, tea is being served in the garden.” Nomad stood at the door awaiting his master’s response. “Is everything alright sire? Should I tell them the party is canceled?”

“No, no. Tell them it’s still happening, just that I’ll be a little late.” Octavio stood to make sure he wasn’t easily seen from the door. The last thing he wanted was for anyone to see him right now. His life just wasn’t that swell. As if it ever was, and it’s not like he was crying right now.

“Ah yes, I forgot to mention. Natalie Paquette stopped by and was asking for you. Something about a date? Oh sir, please stop trying to hide your face. I can see in the dark, I see all and I know about ninety percent of all. Tell me sir, what’s the matter?”

“Its, it’s just that, you know, with Pops dying. Now all of a sudden, I’m thrust into this role, this role where I am required to be married and
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