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*to whoever reads it first* I'M A LONELY CREATURE
2:03 PM ------------A SUNDAY----------------

Nice to meet you. I was named Maylene Wolf, christened as Jessica Adams, and in the school I-card (I for identity), my name read Anastasia Pinto. My bank knows me by Jenny Jones, Facebook identifies me as Alice Hodder. The nameplate outside calls me Fanny Smith, Instagram has known me Star_XxX for three and a half months while my parent always thought Nan was the best name for me. My best friend always thought I was a man, when I was really a woman. My magazine subscriptions are long but I never read anything but the Dictionary; I keep a cat but I never knew it could hiss.
I don't wish to disclose myself. I'm keeping this Diary out of boredom (I'm tired of living with a dozen of corpses), and I have decided to call it Sunny.
So, let's begin with Maylene Wolf. Maylene's a cutie, with ample dimples around her face, no freckles. She's got a brown bob, straight - cut and eyes that still remind me of stags. A slim, tall figure. Small breasted and boyish dark lips. Married to Dean Wolf, a shitty writer who writes novels about fairies turning goblins into pigs, so of course they sell good. The society's crapping itself over.

But, hey - let me begin the story of my life.

In your Oxford School Atlas, turn over to North America. Search for United States. Find out Florida. Can you see the Gulf of Mexico? Can you smell the freshwater? Can you look up the horizon, and say ye-ye to those out there, whoever is out there? Can you touch her lips? The smooth, moist ones, washed away by the Miami waters...
Yes, then you know me; I'm one of your closest friends. I'm different; so raw that it sizzles with the Red sea, dresses in brilliant robes and hardly have I found solace among the people who aren't like me.
Anastasia was one though. Very cynical. Quite synonymous.
But Maylene? Nay, nay. She was the hound of the dark. Barking of the silvering light. Doom to her mirror. She was like the moon's shadow; extremely cynical.
It had been a vivid day from the start, destined to be perhaps a National Holiday or such; or else I don't know how to call the day she popped into Earth. From a little, down at heel appearance, she grew hands and claws, blood poured into her veins, their muscles of flaws, disguised so flawless -
crept into her bones. And the tiny ball transformed into the Devil with green horns.
I loathed her from the start.
The Maylene who puckered out from her mummy (the lady who was to die thirty five years later in a fake spontaneous combustion) saying doc-doc instead of Mum - mum, and why of course, brother - brother instead of papa-papa.

Her future was decided with a feeble cry.
Maylene was going to be a Doctor. Her Brother? Let's not talk about that bad boy. But Maylene's poor pa won't be there to see her for he was supposed to die three months before the 'Great Reincarnation'. So?
You see - Maylene didn't become a Doctor.

How virtuous she was, to give up her 'Great Reincarnation' all for a poor pa who never brought her a black haired doll. Black...the color of her dreams...
But you see - Maylene was special from the start. I still wonder at Maylene's dark eyes, grizzling bob, thin lips and that tall shape of her, prettified with a determined set of chin, stuck on her square - shaped face like a bulldog. Was she pretty? Many intelligent boys would've rather died bachelor than marry Maylene Wolf (but Dean was a fool so). For sure - she was extremely cynical. She was much more admired for her extremely virtuousness, specially among her peers. Her extremities, how dazzling were they.

And you know what - her extremities killed her.

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