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Opinionated Opinion
Don't you think?

I once ,an always was told to dream,

Deeper than the ocean,Higher than the stars in the sky,

I did,It didn't work for me,Trust me I tried,

So to speak , in all honesty,

An for me to tell you , to do so , would be me telling a lie,

My whole entire life , has been like, in my mind,

Iv been like living like a puppet on a string,

In my opinion ,An that iv always seen,

Iv always been so surrounded by so many,

Yet at the same time also not surrounded by any,

Like it's being done deliberately, or something,

In all reality my hopes and dreams,

Would some how slip right by me,

No matter what I did,Or how hard I would try,

Let me ask you something,

For some unknown reason; weirdly,

Iv some how still today,continue to dream,

Because for the life of me,

I refuse to loose my faith or not believe,

In my opinion,To believe-means,

To believe in something one can't feel or see,

To mean feels bout like the same," Don't you think?"

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