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The triple threat of fighting sisters
Venus bided her time, waiting for when she’d receive a chance to take her two sisters out. Venus, the Roman goddess of love, despised having to compete with anyone, even with her sisters Jupiter and Diana. Jupiter ruled over the stars with her love Apollo and Diana ruled over the animals giving knowledge to the low humans. Venus assisted the mortals with their hopes of love and most humans did not understand that gift. The Greek God of War, Ares, had promised Venus his help, but she’d need to be cunning about what she did. Humans did not possess the power to defeat a god or goddess, but she did, if she planned it right.
One day while sitting under a tree, Venus imagined a way to end both of her sisters without lifting a finger. All three women were fond of betting; Venus knew the perfect wager. A young mortal often passed through these very woods, and he was handsome. Venus considered the resemblance between the young man and her secret lover Ares, how similar they were.
“Oh sisters! I have a wager for you,” Venus called out, knowing her sisters would hear. Jupiter, the first to appear, looking dreamy eyed as ever. Diana jumped down from a tree looking bored. All three women eyed each other and Venus grinned.
“What’s your wager Venus, I’ve work to do,” Diana told her; voice laced with boredom and contempt for her sister.
“How about winning over a mortal? He seems intelligent but not a praying sort.” Jupiter glanced over quickly to see the mortal. Her eyebrows lifted as she took him in, all thoughts of Apollo drifting from her mind.
“And how do you propose the wager? What are the terms?” Venus grinned knowing that she’d hooked them both. Now to set up killing them without doing it herself. Jupiter’s weakness was light; if she couldn’t get to any light, she’d wither away. Diana was useless without her bow, and any mortal weapon could then kill her. Venus eyed her sisters and took a breath, thinking carefully.
“Who ever can convince the mortal to send his prayers to one of us alone will when. We will each take a turn with him walking through these woods alone. No interference with any sibling.” Jupiter and Diana both agreed, and the women went their separate ways, preparing for the wager, while Venus prepared for ruling over her sister’s domains.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2200557