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Poem about wanting to delete aspects
Erase –

Wipe the lines
Delete what has been written
Start again
That easy.
         Start again


Take the lines
Written already
Written in stone?
         Delete, reset, whatever
It’s not easy when
It’s already been written
It’s already been lived


The stage has already seen the performance
The cameras have already rolled
The people have read it
It cannot be changed now
         The players have played their roles
                   The actors have lived their lives


Can’t go back
Can’t rewrite what has been lived
         Deletion does not happen
There is no delete key on the past
         I need to rewrite
I need to start again
I need this


This was just a draft!
I only wrote a draft.
         Why must it be the final version?
I need to start again
From the beginning
Start again
That easy

Let me erase
Erase what I have written
Erase the years
         Erase that which my life has written


Always there…

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