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Ray Ladas is 11 years old and is now going to the ninja academy for the first time
Name:Ray Ladas
Hair color:black
eye color: Amber
Siblings: Her older brother died protecting her from an ninja attack at her old village the sand
Traits: she is a runaway from the sand ,climbing tree's

Ray woke up as she got up sighing and grabbing her brother's twin kanta's strapping them to her back then running to the academy she stopped at the door and walked in not saying anything she sat down by the uhicha kid until Sensi came" We have a new student " he said nodding towards me " im Ray Ladas " I said as i moved the kanta's to the floor i picked them back up as it was time to go outside i walked out and sighed as a kid with a dog came up to me '' hey im kiba whats your name" The boy said " im ray like i said in the class" i said i fake smiled and went to eat my lunch alone as i sighed and mumbled " I will Avenge my brother " i already had my forehead protecter from the sand they said i could wear it i found my team it was with that boy whats his name oh right Kiba i sat down by kiba " hello im Kurenai YĆ«hi you can go " our new sensi said poniting at a girl" she blushed of embarrement " I-I'm H-Hinata Hyuga " the girl stuttered" you go next" she looked at Kiba" im Kiba Inuzuka,and this is Akamaru" he said holding up a little cute dog " you can go next " she nodded towards A boy with bugs "Im Shino Aburame I love bugs" you go next" she nodded towards me " im Ray Ladas i don't come from here as you can see on my forehead protecter im from the sand but im a runaway since " i stopped "Since my brother died from protecting me from my other brother zabuza and....'' she froze seeing zabuza " Sister" he said" brother" i mumbled as everyone turned to zabuza " i mean come on you didn't care about Shinda did you " he asked " I liked the way he numbed my pain the day bleeds into night fall and he is not here to save me and liked the way he helped me escape" i said as i pulled out my Kanta and stabbed him in the chest as he disapeared kiba hugged me as long as the rest of the team " i'll see you tommorow" i mumbled i ran to my house locking the door and running to my brothers room jumping onto the bed as i heared a knock on the window i opened it "garra what are you doing here " i said as he climbed in the window " i knew you need me here so i came" he said " I DO NOT" i yelled " fine then b-bye" Garra disapeared leaving a bit of sand left i hide my face in my pillow crying i woke up in the moring i grabbed my Kanta's and ran out side to find kiba and Akamaru holding a kitten i gasped " i want itttttt" i whined" its for you"kiba said and gave it to me " thanks kiba " i said hugging him " oop we got to go " kiba said as we ran to meet the team we made it on time as we walked the rest of the way to the training grounds we ran into team 7 as we went to our team " What are those Baka's doing here" Kiba said" hm who are they even" i asked " Naurto,Sakura,and Sasuke" Hinata said " tch, who's she?'Saskue asked" Im Ray Ladas" RAY LADAS YOUR BROTHER WAS AFTER ME" Sasuke yelled at me "ZABUZA IS NOT MY BROTHER I HATE HIS GUTS AFTER HE KILLED MY BROTHER I yelled as i pulled out my brother Kantas setting my kitten in Hinata's arms"Sakura got in the middle " STOP IT" she yelled " i froze looking at the girl then putting my kanta's up to her neck " look little girl im not one to be messed with " i said as i cut my hand making her think it was her neck she dropped to ground screaming " wow that scared i just cut my hand" i said looking at the blood on my hand and smirked as i walked away and grabbed my kitten as Garra appeared " who made her mad this time" he said " Saskue " Kiba said i walked over to Garra " that boy said zabuza's was after him and made me pissed off " i mumbled to him licking the blood from the cut off my hand " we going back to the sand " Garra said " No Garra i know your my protecter but no " i said " then im staying with you " protecter stays with his master" Garra said " master?" Kiba said"Yes im his master the Ladas are rich and Garra is my protecter and boyfreind" i said as i kissed Garra's check hugging him "Protecter" Saskue asked"I've done some things bad things"I said as my eyes glew red" bad things like waht?' Saskue asked"killing,fighting
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