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Rated: E · Short Story · Contest Entry · #2200706
A princess creates her own happy ever after
Annalise always felt trapped in the small cottage with her godmother. As long as Annalise did the chores her godmother set before her, Annalise was allowed to create paper animals. Creating these folded animals was one way for Annalise to tell time in this little cottage. And every year on her birthday, Annalise’s godmother gave her a fresh stack of different colored papers. They were all sizes and designs and textures, and they excited Annalise to try. On her seventeenth birthday, Annalise asked her godmother to go into the town with her, to look at the paper shop. It surprised her that her godmother would say no; Annalise knew something was wrong. So she ventured out on her own while her godmother was out.

Annalise packed a small bag of clothing, along with her paper and her folded animals. Recognizing that she could get into trouble, Annalise had to be quick about her trip. Until she was comfortable sneaking away; she’d only take small trips within a certain amount of time so she could be back before Godmother noticed. Annalise found a map hidden away, and she copied it, hoping to map out all the areas she would explore; as long as Godmother didn’t find it. Later that evening, Godmother told Annalise that she’d be gone for two days on a very important trip. She gave Annalise a long list of chores to keep her busy and left; closing the cottage door. Annalise grinned; realizing this was the perfect opportunity to go exploring.

After sneaking out of the cottage, Annalise studied everything around her; from the trees and the leaves to the grass and rocks on the surrounding ground. Annalise watched birds and bugs, rabbits and butterflies; even a fox and a deer. Resting with her paper, Annalise folded all that she looked at; except for the young prince that had wandered into the glen Annalise was in. He spoke, startling Annalise and all her paper fell into the small brook that bubbled merrily along. He apologized, promising to take her into the town to get more, and show her some sights. Annalise agreed, and they rode off together.

When the godmother returned to the cottage and found Annalise gone, she was furious. Godmother had never told Annalise she was a princess, and if anyone found her, they would instantly know the truth. She was too good, kind, and beautiful not to be a princess. Godmother quickly went to the town; knowing exactly where Annalise was going. She found Annalise walking along with the prince; a large stack of paper in her hand. She couldn’t hear what the prince was saying but Godmother did not like the way Annalise was smiling.

Appearing in a puff of smoke, Godmother whisked Annalise away and back to the cottage. She took away Annalise’s paper, forbidding her from leaving the cottage ever. All the while back at the town; the prince was searching for his missing friend. He felt that if he didn’t find her; he would never feel whole. She had treated him as a friend, not as a royal; which he was used to.

Annalise cried and pounded against the door that Godmother had locked. She knew that waiting for someone to find her was useless, because Godmother had hidden the cottage from sight. She only hoped to escape on her own, before the only friend she had forgot about her. One night, Godmother was acting strangely and allowed Annalise out of her room. Annalise shoved her godmother into the little room and lock the door, throwing the key into the fire. Running out the cottage door, Annalise escaped to the town that her friend had shown her. She was glad to see he was still there.

When the prince saw Annalise running towards him, he couldn’t believe his eyes. He brought her to his family, and they told the two of them that Annalise was the missing princess from the neighboring kingdom. Annalise smiled as she met her family finally returning home, Annalise created her own happily ever after.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2200706