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by jinks
Rated: E · Poetry · Death · #2200742
Farewell to a brother who was tortured........
You snuffed that God given gift of flame
One cut and all was over
Blood ran, life force drained, you ended it all
Death took you voluntarily, in his dark embrace

Covering you with his cloak,
Whisking you away, to the dark
Have you finally found peace?
Does your soul now roam free?

Brother mine, you broke me
In your constant bid to be free
Brother mine, you left me
With turmoil in your wake

Answers that will never see the light of day
Guilt devours each memory of you
With your voice now silent
You spoke volumes in death

What were you hoping to achieve?
Where were you hoping your journey would end?
What answers did you think you would receive?
What fences had you failed to amend?

Brother mine, don’t you know?
Did you never see or comprehend?
Brother mine, did you not hear?
Redemption was always yours

One moment, one touch, one word
Would that have been enough to sustain you?
One soul to another, one anchor to hold you
Would this have been sufficient to keep you

Your last thoughts lost to the void
Your last breath, lone in the night
You simply gave up, refused to fight
Black. Lost. Darkness engulfed your soul.

Brother mine, wherever you may now be
For you to be finally free is my deepest hope
Brother mine, whoever you may now be
To me, you will always be Brother mine
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2200742-Brother-Mine