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by Xeno
Rated: E · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2200805
A God disguised as human stopped the most greedy God who others thought was good.
In a mountain called Olympus, there is a God who has supreme power that is enough to destroy the whole universe, everyone worship him, but they never knew his heart has evil intentions, he is called “Zeus”.

On a clear afternoon, in a deep forest, a man named Jupiter is having fun with his Eagle friend, no one raised him and he is not used to see people for he is the only man living in that forest. He doesn’t know how to eat nor he didn’t feel hunger, he feels no pain, and he has no plans. Suddenly, he saw the sky devouring the forest, and unexpectedly, a thunder struck him. This made Jupiter feel numb enough to make him lose consciousness, just as before he closed his eyes, he heard a voice declaring from the sky.

“I am the most powerful God and everyone shall bow down to me, thou shall be afraid of me. Remember my name, Zeus.”

Jupiter closed his eyes and heard a tiny whisper.

“I am with you.”

When he woke up, he saw his Eagle friend lying on the ground, lifeless. This made Jupiter cry in anger, shaking the whole Earth. Meanwhile, in Mount Olympus, Zeus felt a shake that a normal Earthquake won’t do. He stood up, and started to fly above the Earth, shouting.

“Who is trying to stand in my way?” Zeus said. He saw a lighting struck to the forest, with his own eyes, zooming through the forest, he saw a man looking at him directly, with his body sparkling from the lightning. Zeus was intrigued, this made him fly down directly to Jupiter. When Zeus landed on the ground, the two looked intense.

“Who are you and why are you bothering me?” Zeus asked boastfully.

“You killed my friend, you shall bring him back to me.” Jupiter replied.

Zeus saw the Eagle on Jupiter’s side, that made him laugh naughtily.

“That useless Eagle is your friend? That is nothing to me, now, bow down to me, the Great God who rules over—“ just as Zeus is speaking, a clinched fist with force collide to his face. This made Zeus stand back. When he looked once again to Jupiter, Zeus started to fight back using his godly powers.

Zeus flew above the sky and looked down to the forest. He pointed his palm to the forest and casted lightning to set fire to the forest, Jupiter saw the birds fly from the trees while other ones burned and died, which made Jupiter angry, he unexpectedly summon a shadow eagle that his friend left him, he flew and reach the level of Zeus, then he focused his energy on his hands and with his friend's energy left to him and his power, he moved thrice faster than Zeus. Jupiter punched Zeus in different angles and this made Zeus much weaker and finally he fell down.

“Never underestimate me. I am God disguised as a human.” Jupiter declared.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2200805