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by Xeno
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It is either you or her.
You woke up one day and you see your wife on the table,
She is eating and thinking about some trouble.
She's in tears but trying to keep quiet,
But when she saw you, she smiled and problems were kept.

You stood up, and walk towards her gloomy presence,
Hugged her but felt nothing in your sense.
She asked you to sit down and start to eat,
Gave you a necklace for you to keep.

You started to eat while she watches you,
Someone knocked on the door and both of you has no clue.
She stood up, kissed you and walk towards the door,
When you looked at her, you saw her lying on the floor.

You woke up again, and see your wife on the table,
You run towards her and you know that you feel troubled.
She hugged you and said that everything is alright,
Then someone knocked on the door, you hold her tight.

You remember the dream that she died,
That makes you think that her fate must hide.
She walk towards the door and you shouted "Stop!",
But in a blink of an eye, she unexpectedly dropped.

You woke up once more and saw your wife on the table,
She is silently crying and her tears are on the bevel.
She saw you and she wiped her tears away,
Now you know that her time is up to stay.

You stood up, and started to walk towards her,
Silently you hugged her and said that you love her forever.
She replied that she is so happy that she knew you
Somebody knocked on the door, and she has no clue.

You know what will happen next so hold her hand,
She stood up and walk towards the door, eventually you stand.
She opened the door and a gun is pointed to her head,
You run to her, pulled her away and then you saw your shirt that stained red.

You look to her and smile,
You told her that everything is gonna be fine.
She ran towards you, crying and begging,
But your eyes closed and you felt at the last moment that you are weeping.
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