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by jinks
Rated: E · Poetry · Other · #2200820
We all go through times when we feel we are alone........
She sits alone, with no one to listen
No one to see her tears that glisten
On the ends of her long lashes
As the memories come back in flashes

She sits alone in a silent world of despair
With a soul in a constant sate of disrepair
She seems so lonely, so very lost
At her feet lie the letters she will never post

This silent, yet strong woman
This fragile yet solid person
Broken down, abused by a man
In a situation that only seemed to worsen

Daily harsh words were spoken
Only for her ears to hear
Daily her shattered resolve was shaken
To the core, causing crippling fear

To never be free, never to smile
It’s in her shoes one should walk a mile
To experience her sorrow, her pain
To finally know there is nothing to gain

In causing another to cry
By hiding the truth, to cover it with a lie
You see, she never shows it
So one will never make her shoes fit

Others never know for they miss
The subtle signs that are there
Other are very quick to dismiss
And always to glance elsewhere

To her, she is the outsider looking in
On your life, wanting and needing
That love, that solid moral support
But sadly for her its silence that seems to resort

In her avoiding the dark pain
Caused by the constant ignorance
Of those that are fair-weather friends
For you see, for her, loneliness never ends.
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