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by jinks
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Fire, water, Chemistry.....no this is not science.....or is it?
Forces of nature, that’s what we are, you and I
You are the water, gentle yet tumultuous
I am the fire, hot yet can lose all control
Together we are unstoppable

You are the breeze of reassurance whispering in my ear
I am the touch of life that stirs in your soul
Together we face the forces that engulf us
The forces that come together and collide

A collision that is felt at each encounter
A force that is so soul wrenching yet much needed
That it leaves us both breathless
You are my shelter, I am your salvation

Together we overcome all obstacles
Whereas apart, we shut down, we are empty
Yet when we come together, we explode with passion
Desire felt to the very core of our being

One would think that as forces of nature play
And eventually are sated once they have fulfilled their role
Yet with you and I, we crave more, want more, need more

Nothing is enough, everything is to much
Yet halfway is not going to satisfy either once of us
We want everything and more, just to satisfy your current as water
And to feed my flames as fire
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