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by Xeno
Rated: E · Poetry · Emotional · #2200842
For the most beautiful woman in the world...
From my new house, I unexpectedly visited my old town,
Bored, exhausted and my face is completely frowned.
I remember, that is almost evening,
And because I'm in the bus, I can't really remember everything.

When I arrived on the bus stop, I started to walk towards my old home,
It is a kilometer away so this will take long, there the skies gloam.
I can see the all the old memories as I walk on that street,
Where she used to carry me and we will buy something to eat.

I saw our favorite spot where we used to stop to eat ice cream,
It is the best one that I miss and sometimes went into my dream.
Then I saw a child tripped and started crying on the ground,
There a woman approached the child, carried him and made a cheerful sound.

The woman who carried the child started to walk,
Then a man hugged the woman and child, they laughed while I hear them talk.
As I continue towards my home, I saw the green grass where we used to lie down,
She used to bring her basket full of goods and we will play around.

I felt my eyes watering and it made my hands weep this teary eyes,
Struggling with the old memories that are really happy and nice.
I saw her favorite flower because that was her name,
It made me smile to remember that this is where we always came.

All I see is the memories we used to do,
A love that no one else can give me, can be done only by you.
I suddenly realized that I was standing in front of our door,
I got the old keys but I still love to shout your name so you can hear me on the second floor.

I entered the house with lots of memories going through my head,
All I ever wanted is to go in your bed.
When I opened your room, there I saw a beautiful woman in the picture,
A woman who gave me love to endure.

I hugged the picture and started to cry loud like a child,
I can still remember the way you smiled,
You will tell me the greatest stories that makes me sleep every night,
And cheer me up and motivate me to fight.

You will tell the most sincere and loving words that only you can give,
Until the last breath, you told me that you always believed.
You told me that one day we will be together,
Thank you for being here with me always, Mother.

I love you today, tomorrow and forever.
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