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A short emotional story
The Last Goodbye
I knew what it felt like to live without someone you’ve loved the most. It all started on a bright cold day in April, I was there sitting on the sofa along with my mom. Not nearly enough, she started having pain in her chest. Thinking it was normal, I gave her a painkiller.

For then it was okay but with every passing day, it seemed as if her condition was worsening and nothing else. Bleeding from unusual places, trouble in swallowing, having fever and queer pains were noticed. Followed by weight loss without any diet changes.

After consulting with a doctor I came to know about the most heartbreaking news of my life. My mom had been diagnosed with cancer and it was her third stage. Although she knew about her disease, I decided not to tell her that it was her second last stage, so that she could live a few days of her life peacefully. No one could feel the pain which I had felt at that time. Acting like everything was fine but knowing the truth deep inside and keeping it a secret, was not an easy task. Each and every single day was nothing less than hell for me.

It was hectic enough to keep a balance between my work and my personal life. I wasn't having enough time to spend with my mom. Few days after I had discovered about her illness, I was called for an important meeting. Initially I decided not to attend it, but this meeting was so important for me, that I had to go out of town for the next two days.

On my way home, I brought with me all the things that my mom loved. Including a white flowy dress she had always wanted. Also I took a week off from work life. But when I reached home many people were gathered as if something was not right. My neighbors told me that there was a weird smell coming from inside. Listening to this my feet froze to the ground. The first thing that came to my mind was mom. I quickly opened the door and to my surprise mom was lying motionless on her bed. She was as pale as ever.

It is sad, heartbreaking, life-changing, painful, tragic, pathetic, devastating, depressing... It is just so damn bad. I felt as if my life will never go on. There is a void that can never be filled, because there is no other love in this world like the love of a mother. It was then, when I realised that how painful it was to lose someone, someone very special to you. Tears started rolling down my face. How unlucky was I to not say the last goodbye.
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