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Take care of the persons you love.
It was just a regular workday at the office. Everyone was doing their usual stuff except for one person. No one noticed she was acting weird or well not as she normally does. It seems like no one noticed her anymore but as far i knew no one ever did. all of the sudden she stood up, I was curious of what she was up to. I went to her desk and took a quick look it looked normal until her screen went on because of an notification she got. There was a text file open it said "For the person reading this i thought of this long and hard and I am sure this is my only option." I tried to figure out what it meant but I just couldn't connect the dots. I continued to read, "I tried everything from talking to loved ones to going to a psychiatrist. I just don't know what to do anymore and I'm certain you can't help me either. It's just that I probably already jumped from the roof if not try to stop me." Out of shock i stood up and ran to the roof. I was in time she sat on the edge and I started to talk with her. I only came up with "You don't have to do this, there are enough people that love you and that want to help you." She reacted back "I know, I just don't want my family to suffer no more." I calmed my self down and try to make a decent conversation with her so i sat down next to her making sure she couldn't jump. "Why would you think they suffer no? They will suffer more if you jump this is not your only option." She said to me i wrote the text she left behind on her screen. I said yes "Look if I am trying to stop you from jumping without fully knowing you doesn't that mean something. Even tho i don't know you that good I am willing to help." She looked at me and said "That is true but no one at the office knows me well. why should I accept their help, they don't know what i am struggling with." I put my arm around her and tilted her head on my shoulder. "I can try to understand. Let me get off tomorrow and we will sit down were you feel comfortable and just talk." She got her head of my shoulder and looked at me. "Are you sure?" she said. I looked at her and said back "I am sure".
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