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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Comedy · #2200923
How the boss's daughter vied for and won Twitch's affection.
Writers Cramp Daily Win 9/19/19

What the devil are these?” Twich felt the two new knobs on his head.

Bony horns had bulged overnight through his blond wispy hair. “The babe.”

“Nothing.” Not a note had been left. A single black lace thong hanging from his bedpost announced the evening’s visitor was not a dream.

“She did this.” Twitch’s skin itched where the two protuberances rose. They felt hot to the touch. He fingered them thoughtfully while remembering the mysterious witch at last night’s Halloween party in ‘The Full Moon’ bar.

The place jumped with ghosts, goblins, and gorgeous broads underdressed as witches. It was a new watering hole he had not noticed in the neighborhood before.

After a couple of the place’s high priced Love Potion cocktails, Twitch forgot all about his firing for being a golddigger after the boss daughter's hand in marriage and being stood up by his boss’s daughter. The mist in his eyes caused by the powerful draught disappeared when one well-endowed witch whispered, “Where have you been all my life.”

“I think I am in love.” The spell the sight of her put on him was instant and powerful. They’d left moments later, seemed to fly in a blur back to his shabby one-room rental and devoured the night away.

“Wallet is here,” Twitch fumbled it open, checked his plastic, and tried pulling on his pants. Something was in the way wiggling on his behind.

“A forked tail?” It curled up from between his legs growing longer as the end snaked into view of his turning head.

“What the hell?” Someone was knocking at his door. It sounded ominous. So what if he hadn’t paid his rent in two months? Didn’t he have until the end of the month to even things up? Twitch cracked it open, pushing his face into the opening wedge. It was the Witch.

“Let me in. No time for explanations. We are both in trouble.”

She didn’t seem bothered by Twitch’s lack of pants. The witch didn’t seem to notice that at all. One moment she was outside the next second within. “Don’t just stand there gawking. You did this to yourself. I told you it might happen. You and your wanting to push dreaming up the crazy things you wanted to do. I finally had enough and left.”

Twitch looked dubiously down at himself, his skin turning red as a beet. “You didn’t do this?”

The witch walked around him fingers lightly tracing a path across his skin. “Demonology is not a part-time plaything. You don’t remember your tardy date arriving as a rival to my affections? If I can’t have you, no-one on earth will.”

“Am I really a demon?”

“You truly behaved like one, to both of our affections. What is it with men. You couldn’t decide between us, wanted us to prove which one was best.”

“And you won?”

“When that boney blue-eyed creature labeled me a witch I showed her just what one can do, didn’t I? Where is that little mouse?”

Twitch stared from his shoes where a mouse head squeaked as it appeared, to the witch’s look of obvious satisfaction. “There she is. Are you coming or not. I won’t give you a second chance. The effects of that Love Potion we shared are wearing off.”

“I. Uh. can’t go out like this.”

“Where we are going you’d look silly going any other way, dearie. Take the plunge and what you had last night will seem only like a striptease to what happens next.”

Twitch felt his toes curl. They disappeared. Two cloven hooves popped out in their place like magic. “This isn’t me,” he said. “What happened last night was some kind of nightmare I thought I dreamed up.”

“Men.” The witch spat out a flame that turned the air into smoke swirling around her. When it cleared she had disappeared.

Twitch sat down on his bed holding his head in his hands. The rival for his affections, boss’s daughter, now currently a mouse, scampered up the balled up bedsheets to his side. She stood on her hind paws, sniffed disdainfully, and jumped up on his knee.

“Do something.”

“What? You can talk?” Twitch was amazed. Things were moving too fast.

“Get me out of this getup. I hate you.”

“Me? I’ve got my own troubles.”

“What troubles? You look like the real inner you. Daddy was right. What did I ever see in you?”

The mouse turned tail and searched under Twitch’s bed. “Don’t just sit there. What kind of devil may care attitude is that? I’ve found the witch’s magic wand. It is too big for me to handle. I need your help.”

Twitch stirred. “Magic wand? Did she forget about it? Geez. She could be back any second.” He tore himself off his mattress. Mouse and demon were nose to nose looking at a foot-long wooden stick sprouting shivers as it bumped up and down trapped under the bed.

“It is trying to get away. Don’t let it.” Mouse squeaked.

“What do I do?” Twitch grabbed hold of the stick.

“How do we control it?”

“Use your mind.” Mouse hopped up and down in an ecstasy of excitement. “ I bet you can turn us into anything we want.”

“We?” questioned Twitch. He was already wishing back into himself. One look at the mouse transformed it into his late great date.

“Give that back.” The Witch was back again.

“I wish you were gone forever.” Twitch threw it at her as he got up on his knees. The Witch vanished.

“I could sure use a drink.” The boss’s daughter took the tankard from Twitch’s lips, swallowed the draught of Love Potion, batted her eyes, and the two forgave each other everything.

She made her daddy give Twitch rule over an entire manufacturing plant. They got married, lived in the best part of town and had two little devils of their own to raise in no time at all and lived happily ever after.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2200923