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Regrets of not doing anything to achieve the desire world.
Have you ever imagined how it is to live in a world where everyone is treated equally? A world where plants and animals are loved and being taken care of by everyone? A world where the politicians are good enough for their positions? A world where there is no hunger, and shelters are available for anyone and everyone? A world that is full of colors and love? Because you know what? I did. I always did imagine how life will be if I were be able to live in a world that I call the "Rainbow World". But you know what's the worst part? It's that I did nothing to achieved and be able to live in that world.

I always regretted it and think about the what ifs. What if that time, I told them that I liked color blue more than pink? What if that time, I stand for that child with autism and told everyone that it's better to understand them than to laugh at them? What if that time, I fought for that kitten because they were kicking it? What if that time, I told them that it's not good to just throw their trash anywhere? What if that time, I voted the leader that I wanted to that listen to others? What if those times, I did something? Would something change? Would someone will follow me as a good example? Would I will be able to live in my ideal world? Would I? But I can't do anything now but regret that I did nothing. So how about you? Do you also want to live in a colorful world? If you do, then what should you do, to achieve your own kind of "Rainbow World".
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