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A boy and his ant circus
I once heard a story about this boy named Andrew, he had all of these ants that could fly, jump thru hoops. They can do so many things it's not fair, don't you see. All you do is perform and its always for me.

I will go into town buy a big tent and some lights and we will train very hard, everyday, everynight.The ants practiced their tricks, some old and some new. They couldn't wait to be stars of their own ant review.

The time was getting closer to the day of the show and Andrew said to the ants how can we let people know. Suddenly an idea popped into his head. We will paint lots of signs in bright green, blue and red then one of the ants said don't forget yellow, it will make it stand out, make it say HELLO.

For hours and hours they painted those signs, and on some they even put fancy designs. Andrew decided to let the ants rest for a bit, but his ants looked at him and said hey we can't quit.

The decision was made to make friday the night. It was coming up soon, no time for stage fright.
Andrew gathered some friends to help him hang signs to let people know of the coming good times.

Andrew he wanted everyone there so he invited them all even the Mayor.It was finally showtime and people filled the big tent it seemed the whole town had come down to witness this amazing event.

When the people had all settled into their seats, a drum roll began a heart pounding beat. All the lights were turned down except one in the middle where Andrew appeared as fit as a fiddle.

With microphone in hand Andrew announced to the crowd, what you are about to see will amaze and astound.

Under your seats are special glasses you must wear to make my ants bigger when the finally appear.

Once again the drums started to play and in walked the ants in a comical way. There were very tiny ants doing flips, some were flying. There were ants doing tricks that were death defying.

They saw ants dressed as clowns which made everyone laugh. They even saw ants on tiny giraffe's. They saw ants riding bikes , some low and some real high, that all at once Andrew heard the audience sigh. There were ants training fleas to rise up and stand tall and little ants walking tight ropes trying hard not to fall.

At the end of the show all the ants took a bow and everyone started clapping and boy was it loud. Andrew was tired but he waited outside cause as great as he was he still needed a ride

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