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Rated: E · Short Story · Erotica · #2200949
A man being chased by a police officer has the ability to make him grow with just one word
It's the middle of the night and I’m being chased down by a fat bearish police officer, who’s moments from catching me. I turn a corner but I slip and land hard on my side. “Get off of me, you pig!” I shout, kicking at him as he grabs onto my belt loop. Instead of yanking me up, he lets go and stands tall, slapping both hands on his fat gut. Then as if by magic the buttons begin to strain as his belly balloons outward an inch or so. He grunts, looking down at it in disgust. “What the fuck?” He says, groping it firmly and giving it a shake. “Hah! You are a pig!” I laugh, sliding away from him. As he starts to step forward his belly expands again, but this time so do his thighs. I watch as the fabric stretches and the seams along the sides begin to tear. The buttons on his shirt are ready to pop off. “Uhh.” He moans, placing a hand on his fat butt. I sit there on the ground staring up at him in delight. Its working! He looks back down at me and sticks his chubby fingers into my shirt, pulling me along the ground and attempting to get me up. I fight it, pushing at his gut and kicking his shins. “You’re only making this worse for yourself!” He shouts, lifting me up and pushing me against the wall. He’s stronger than I thought. This man must weigh over 350 pounds and looks to be only 5’5” tall. He uses his oversized belly to pin me in place, taking off his hat and rubbing his sweaty bald head. “Get the fuck off me, you fat fucking pig!” I say as I try and push at his enormous belly. Suddenly I feel it happening again. He’s growing. He’s actually growing bigger. He backs away from me and drops his hat, moaning as his thighs tear through his uniform pants and two buttons pop off his shirt, exposing a white tank top that doesn’t fully cover his hairy belly. “Stop it!” He yells, kicking at me as I move further away from him. He desperately tries to undo his belt but its too tight. The older fat bear of a man grunts and groans as he starts after me again. His uniform tears further with each step. “You won’t catch me, pig!” I laugh and start to run, stopping a few yards away as he halts and grows even fatter. Two more buttons on his shirt pop while his belt snaps open, allowing his gut to hang further out of his shirt. His thick beard is pushed outward as his neck balloons with blubber. I smile wide and say it again. “Pig.” He holds his belly with both hands and it swells fatter, his chest taking out the rest of his button up and his pants ripping almost entirely down the side and inner thigh. He looks to have gained almost 50 pounds already, possibly more. He stands there staring at me with his fearful eyes pleading me to stop. “No.” He says. “Please.” I take a moment to think before I say “I think you could use a few more pounds, pig.” And he grows another few pounds. “Look at you, pig. Such a fat pig. Getting fatter, huh, pig?” I back away a little more as his entire body swells fatter, pushing what remains of his clothes as he becomes nearly naked. A hairy fat pad bulges under his heavy fat belly, his neck balloons out under his beard. “I love making a fat pig like you fatter.” I add, furthering his growth as he falls onto his knees and grows more. “Help me!” He screams, still growing fatter. “No one can help you, pig. You’re my pig now. Pig! Fat fucking pig!” I grab his soft hairy belly and feel it grow and grow and grow, covering his thighs and inching towards the ground in front of his knees. His butt fattens against his feet, covering them and reaching the ground as well. I can’t help myself. I keep going. Making him fatter and fatter. He can’t even get up anymore, looking to weigh over 500 pounds. His hairy furry body now resembling a pillowy blob as I keep calling him a pig, over and over. Repeating the word as he gains pound after pound. Finally, I stop. I stare down at the immobile man at my feet, still on his knees but he’s so massive that you can’t even tell. His belly sticks out a whole 4 feet in front of him, obscuring his legs. His butt is over half the size of his belly, two fat and blubbery hairy cheeks rest behind him. He must weigh over 900 pounds. Too fat to move. “Please… help me. No more fat.” He cries, struggling to lift his own arms. “I’m too… big.” He looks at himself in disgust. “Change me back.” He says with a sigh, unable to really do much at all, feeling helpless. “I don’t want to.” I say, rubbing his belly and smiling. “I like how fat you are… pig” I give a devilish grin and grope his belly as its starts growing again.
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