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by Jacky
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Flash Fiction

Walking into the house, Mom shrieked. The kitchen was a wreck, food, dishes everywhere, spills, flour, sugar, broken eggs.

“What were you doing?!”

“It wasn’t me!” Kevin said, setting her grocery bags on the floor. “I was outside the whole time you were gone.”

“Who else would it be? You’re the only one here. I know you did it. What you were trying to do?”

“Mum, it wasn’t me. It must have been the pixies.”

Mom looked at her only son. “Kevin,” she started, and then tears rolled down her face.

Kevin knew her heart was breaking. “It’s OK Mum. I’ll clean it up. I was trying to surprise you. I know you like cake,” he said quietly.

“I’ll clean it up, Honey!” Mom said brightening up, “Thank you so much! Why don’t you go to your room for a while.” She kissed him on the head, and he went down the hall.

He stopped halfway down and glanced back. His mother was sitting a chair, just looking at the kitchen. Angrily, he went into his room.

“One more time and you’re all out!!! I mean it! How many times have I told you not to touch the rest of the house!”

Tib looked up, “We thought we’d make you brownies. How do you get brownies brown anyway?”

In spite of his anger, Kevin laughed. Suddenly the rest appeared, he was surrounded by pixies.

Then the door opened and everyone froze, including Mom. “There are pixies...” she said after a moment. “Oh Kevin! I’m so glad!!!”

They did have brownies that night, Mom made them. She also made a few new rules, like pixies are never allowed in the kitchen.

Life was easier at Kevin’s house after that. Not a lot easier of course, cause, you know, pixies...
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