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by Xeno
Rated: 18+ · Poetry · Tragedy · #2200979
Does your life even matter anymore?
All the memories we shared in the past will never fade away,
I never thought that someday, we will no longer stay.
The roads we used to walk when we are about to date,
I can still remember those times we don't wanna be late.

The times we wake up early just to text and greet each other with "Good morning!",
Your sweet smile that makes me feel amused and heart warming.
We will lay down on the grass and point our fingers to the sky,
Telling all our fantasies, expectations, and we wish to never die.

The cherry blossoms that we used to watch every year,
My feelings for you is just very clear.
From the start, I knew I wanna be with you forever,
Everything doesn't matter, as long as we're together.

That late night that we go to the movie and watch,
When I am afraid, you will hug me and say that you love me so much.
Then I will lean my head to your shoulder,
And I will sleep at your side until everything is over.

Suddenly, I woke up and I never saw you again, then I thought that maybe you just hide,
I stood up, look around and ask everyone about you who is sitting by my side.
They told me that I came alone and was never with anybody,
But I do not believe in them for I felt your warmth truly.

I walked outside and went home alone,
I can't remember your name in my cellphone.
So I tried looking to my gallery to search for your face,
But everything I saw was me alone all those days.

I remember all those roads I used to walk alone,
The grass I used to lay down to point into the skies till dawn.
The cherry blossoms I watched every year,
Gave me anxiety, depression and severe fear.

Until one day, when I arrived home from looking for you in the movie,
I saw you in our home baking some cookies.
There you looked at me and tell the most heartbreaking words I will always endure,
"Your amnesia may not remember me, but I will always stay with you, that is for sure."

I closed my eyes and tried to remember everything,
You are indeed always with me, who motivates me to keep fighting.
Wait! What is this that I saw you being in the hospital?
You are in the Emergency Room and your life is critical.

I opened my eyes and you are slowly vanishing,
You told me to set you free, he is now peacefully sleeping.
I replied to you that the memories I had for you won't permanently remain,
But this heart still finds a way to see you again,

You hugged me once more, like the time we are in the movie,
I lean my head to your shoulder and hugging you tighter, for I am afraid that you will leave me.
Then I feel your hands vanishing in my back,
Is this where my life is gonna be stuck?

I reached for the ropes, grab a chair and tied it into the ceiling,
"Do not do that please!", this is what you're screaming.
But what matters to me is that we will stay with each other forever.
For everything doesn't matter, as long as we're together.

Life and death aren't scary to me,
Staying with you will make me free.
I will end this suffering as long as I can remember the true,
We will be forever, because I have always loved you.

I kicked the chair and let my feet float into the air.

"We will always be together, and I will never feel despair."
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