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Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Fanfiction · #2201029
Warrior Cats belongs to the Erin Hunter group. My cats are OCs.
Silverstream: So why are we doing this?
Princess: well I see my twolegs play it a lot, so I thought it would be fun
Cinderpaw: It definitely sounds fun!
Brackenpaw: So when do we start?
Littlepaw: How about now?
Fireheart: Ok. *looks at WoF dares on Wattpad*
Graystripe: you stealing Wings of Fire dares on Wattpad?
Fireheart: No *hides phone*
Cinderpaw: Yes you are *grabs phone*
Barley: *nips Fireheart*
Fireheart: *huff*
Batpaw (me!) *runs in* whatImiss whatImiss whatImiss ["what I miss"]
Spottedleaf: geez, she-cat. Speak normal.
Batpaw: na I'm good *her claw rips the tape on the envelope* this one's from Tigerclaw... Oh crap...
Yellowfang: What? *looks at dare* Holy StarClan!
Stonefur: *reads it* YES I GET TO KILL HER!!!!!! *lunges at Batpaw*
Batpaw: *dodges and jumps on Stonefur's back* Nope. *bites his scruff*

timeskip bought to you by Owlkit, sister of Batpaw

Stonefur: *kills Batpaw* dare done! Now what?
StarClan Batpaw: *revives herself*
Batpaw: .... Crookedstar dares everyone here to fall into the river from the highest boulder near it screaming I Believe I Can Fly.
Everyone: *goes to The Great Diving Rock (I can't think of another name lol)* *dives in screaming I Believe I can Fly*
Batpaw: *teleports everyone back to Fourtrees*
Silverstream: *is the only one not shivering*
Batpaw: Lionheart dares Cinderpaw to run in 5 tight circles
Cinderpaw: piece of cake! *complies*

hoot meow meow hoot Owlkit!

Cinderpaw: oof. Not as easy as I thought
Batpaw: nope. Ok. Sandstorm dares Brackenpaw to jump from a high branch shouting "MOONBLI FOR LIFE!!!"
Brackenpaw: nope
Batpaw: yesh
Brackenpaw: nu
Batpaw: ye *teleports him to a branch*
Brackenpaw: nooooooo
Batpaw: yesssss
Cinderpaw: yes yes yes
Yellowfang: you can do it
Spottedleaf: go on you'll be fine
Brackenpaw: *jumps down* MOONBLI FOR LIIIIIFE *lands safely* phew
Batpaw: *hands the first truth to Owlkit, who's herr stands for the purpose (and in the case of an accident)*
Owlkit: Bluestar asks: Batpaw, are you actually magic?
Batkit: *teleports to Bluestar* wadaya think?
Bluestar: *is confused* huh? Oh the "truth".
Batpaw: yes. I am in fact magic *teleports back* well that went well. Literally great.
Owlkit: *nods sleepily*
Batpaw: well that's enough for today. Bye everyone! *lets her sis climb on her back for a ride* *heads home*
Everyone but Owlkit and Batpaw: bye! *also heads home*

Please leave a dare in your comment. OCs are accepted as well.
Sorry if I got any characters' personalities wrong please don't judge that. Batpaw and Owlkit are my OCs. Making Chapter 2 slightly shorter and using less cats.
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