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This is what I see whenever I am thinking about a certain topic,
My mind tries to find the most closest word that I can pick.
For writing with insecurities and doubts are the hardest thing to do,
I will never know if this will be a success for I don't have a single clue.

Why do I write even if this brain is not willing to share its thought?
Maybe because it wants to throw some ideas that it bought.
Suffering from anxieties and severe procrastination,
My life is full of pain that leads to all my delusion.

Writing is not an easy thing to do,
Sometimes writers-block will eventually hit you.
You shall embed something memorable to the readers memory,
Message of the wise man that they can forever carry.

I am not a writer, all I did was to write the feelings that I had,
To share the story I experienced that really made me sad.
Maybe that is the reason why I am still living today,
My mind segregates the saddest story then throw it away.

Many people tried to ask me, who am I really?
Then I told them that I really don't have an identity.
I am a figure that represents the past of everybody,
Sadness, grieving and unending anxiety.

I am not trying to push the readers to cry then destroy their day,
"You already passed it!", that's everything I want to say.
There is nothing that you can forget for we are designed to remember everything,
You just need to carry the burden and move on even if it is continuously hurting.

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"Focus on that feeling and suddenly, everything will be clear."
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