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Rated: E · Short Story · Fantasy · #2201080
A man goes on a hiking trip alone, he shouldn't have brought all those fattening treats...
(Extreme Male Weight Gain, Gluttony, Magic, Unwilling, Immobility)

Joshua loved hiking. He usually went out with friends but this weekend he opted to go alone since they were all busy. At the end of the 5-mile trail were 3 cabins, one of which he’d reserved. It was always nice when the other two remained empty.
Joshua was a big bear, chubby and covered in thick fuzzy hair from his scruffy beard all the way down to his feet, while his head was clean shaven. As he climbed over rocks his belly bounced, peeking out of his hoodie over and over again. It was hard to keep it contained, with how big and heavy it had become lately.

The hiking was his attempt at trying to lose weight, but the second he got back from his trips all he did was eat the fattening foods he’d missed out on while in the woods. In the past few months he’d put on a solid 25 pounds, which went straight to his gut and rump. Joshua didn’t hate it, in fact he liked being the big guy, but at his height of only 5’5” it was quite hard to walk long distances when he was nearing 300 pounds.

Usually the other guys packed lots of healthy snacks like granola or raisins, but since Joshua came on his own this time he’d stuffed in a few snack cakes, chocolate bars, and individually wrapped donuts. He just couldn’t help himself. Everyone was always telling him to slow down on the fattening desserts and now that he had some time alone he figured he’d indulge a little.

Joshua stared at his naked body in the mirror after a long hot shower, thinking about his hiking trip the next day, telling himself he was gaining weight and the whole point of it was to lose some, but the more he denied himself the more he just wanted to stuff himself with sugar.

And so, there he sat, shoving a zebra cake into his mouth, wiping his mustache with the back of his hand and smearing it on his cargo shorts. A moment later he had consumed the second cake and proceeded to grab another pack before stopping himself.

Joshua looked down at his stomach, placed a hand on it, and sighed. But instead of putting the fattening cakes back into his bag he tore the package open and shoved one after another into his mouth, moaning with pleasure at the taste of delicious cakey goodness filling his chubby cheeks.

“Mmmff, fuck it.” he moaned through a mouthful of food, bits of it flying out with each syllable. He closed his eyes and leaned back a little, savoring the treats he’d sworn he’d stop eating. He knew he’d have to stop this. Once he got back from this tomorrow he’d start eating healthier again. No more fattening cakes, no more chocolate, or pizza, or…

As Joshua thought about all the food he’d be giving up, something came over him, sort of like a chill. He opened his eyes to find a shadowy figure floating in front of him. At first he was afraid, but before he got a chance to react the figure was already spiraling forward and flowing into his mouth like a dense smoke, until he’d completely inhaled the thing.

You gluttonous pig. A voice said inside his head. Joshua stood up fast, smacking the side of his skull in an attempt to get whatever had just entered him out. You’re going to get fatter. It said, scaring him as it continued. And fatter. Joshua grabbed his backpack and slapped the side of his head once more.
“Get out of my head!” he shouted, spinning around like a madman. “Stop it!” he said, much louder this time. He stopped and took a moment to catch his balance and waiting for the voice to speak again. Lets see that belly of yours grow and grow. The voice added, and just then a bubbly sensation erupted from his stomach and to his surprise it began to swell like a balloon. “What the --?” Joshua groped his belly with both hands as it expanded, filling with fat. Look at you, fattening up.
Joshua groaned as his gut started to poke out from beneath his hoodie, bulging over his groin and sagging lower. “Oh, god. Stop!” he screamed to the voice, feeling the weight increase every second. How about a bigger backside as well?
Along with his growing belly, Joshua’s butt also started to plumpen up. It quickly filled his cargo shorts, pushing at the seams as it grew wider and rounder. That’s right, pig. Grow fatter, and fatter, and fatter. The demonic voice boomed, getting more devilish sounding each time. By then his entire body was growing, tearing at his clothes.
“Fuck!” Joshua groaned, backing against a tree and tossing his pack to the ground, both hands firmly grasping his ballooning belly as it hung further out of his shirt and hoodie. “What’s happening to me!?” he called out, hoping to get an answer as to what was really going on, but the voice just kept teasing him. How do you like it? Getting fatter by the second?
“Stop! I hate it! Stop it!” he smacks the side of his head again. “Get out of me. Get out!” he cries, moaning loudly while his belt tightens around his waist. He reaches under his fattening belly and manages to undo the belt, tossing it aside just in time for a surge of growth that pushes the button of his shorts off and tears them on the inside of his thickening thighs. His neck bulges out under his beard and onto his chest, which is starting to tear his hoodie in half.
I don’t think your rump is quite big enough. The voice says as Joshua’s butt grows much fatter. His bare butt widens against the rough bark of the tree, which digs into his doughy cheeks as they grow huge, sticking out further and pushing him outward.
“No more, please.” Joshua pleads, completely naked as he continues fattening past the 500 pound mark, struggling to stand and using the tree as support. You’re nowhere near fat enough. I want you so much fatter.
“What the fuck are you?” he asks, his back scraping against the bark as he slides to the ground, landing on his fat butt.
Too fat to get up.
“Help me!”
Fatter, fatter, fatter!
“No! No!!”
So… much… fatter!
“Fucking stop it you--”
Gluttony will consume you.
“I… can’t... “ Joshua pants, nearly out of breath as he desperately tries to stand or even crawl away. “Too… fat…” He moans. His thighs swell against one another, making bending or lifting them impossible.
You’ll never be fat enough! The voice says, booming louder than before.
“P… lease. St...op…”
Joshua grows and grows, his thighs are beyond two feet thick, blubbery and weighing 300 pounds each. His hairy belly covers his knees, nearing his ankles, which are so fat that they begin to encapsulate his feet.
800 pounds. 900. A thousand!
All Joshua does is moan and groan, unable to form words as his cheeks push together and make opening his mouth a chore. Not to mention his neck is the size of a pillow and fat keeps piling against his chin, furthering his inability to speak.
The bear has now become a blob. A hairy immobile blob. A true glutton. Still getting fatter. The voice says as Joshua realizes he can no longer see past his belly. His legs and feet are gone, his arms swollen massively at his sides, too fat to lift into view. Twigs and stones dug into his gigantic doughy rump, but all he can do is sit there and grow.
Finally, the growing stops. The mysterious shadowy figure that entered his body just minutes ago swirls out of his mouth and floats above him once more before him before vanishing into the air.
Joshua can’t move. He weighs just over 2,000 pounds. Another hundred and he’d be unable to open his mouth at all. His hands would have sunken into his body and his belly would reach where his feet used to be.
“Hllpp mmfff.” he moans, wiggling his fingers and looking around desperately. He can only see what's directly in front or above him. But there’s no use in trying to call for help. Though he does make a second attempt, he knows its barely audible.
“Mmff, mmm!” he cries out, struggling to form words. Minutes pass. Joshua knows nobody is going to find him. He’s completely and utterly immobile and helpless.

Just as he’s ready to start crying, footsteps approach from behind.
“Huh, what do we have here?” The voice says, an older man by the sound of it.
“Hllllff, mmmff, mmff thh… mfff.” Joshua says, hoping the man can help him in any way possible. The footsteps move to the side and then moments later a man stands in front of him. A fat burly hunter gazes down at Joshua, gun at his side, and a wide smile on his face.
“Seems as though the demon caught another victim. Don’t you know it's not safe to go hiking alone?” The hunter chuckles to himself, poking Joshua’s bed-sized belly with the tip of his gun, letting it sink deep into the fat. “You’re his fattest pig yet!” The man sets down the weapon and plops his heavy body onto Joshua, melting into the mountain of blubber.
“Mffff!” Joshua tries to yell, but it's heavily muffled by his fat cheeks.
“Shh, shh. He’ll be back soon.” the hunter says, massaging the many folds beneath him. “But until then… you’re mine.”

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