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Russ is meeting his cousin for the first time, he is shocked by his size.
         Russ was excited, he was going to meet his cousin for the first time. He lived on a farm with his older sister and parents. They were rather poor and uneducated, Russ didn't mind, it was still family. He thought about what Dale would look like, he pictured a strong, tan, and tall boy working around a farm. He was starting to fall asleep when he heard his dad say that they were there.

         Russ jumped out of the car and saw a man walk out of the front door. He was wearing some ugly out of fashion clothes and he was also a little chubby. Behind him was a woman around his age, Russ assumed that this lady was his wife. They walked up to the car and greeted them.

         The man yelled into the house,

         "Kids! Come out and meet your cousins."

         The house rattled as two people ran down the stairs and towards the front door. First to emerge was a tall girl probably around 16 or 17 years old. Then behind her came the one that Russ had been looking forward to meeting, Dale. He didn't look anything like what Russ imagined, he was wearing shorts that hugged his legs and a v-neck shirt that was a couple sizes too small. It was about half a foot too short and squeezed his body. All of this wasn't what made him such a strange sight, hanging out from the gap between his shirt and pants was a large gut. His belly was huge, it covered up his pants button and jiggled every time he took a step. His fat arms pumped as he ran up to us. Other than his fat belly and arms his chest stuck out with two large man boobs shaking with his belly. His fat neck met his round face, he was forming a double chin and what at one point was a strong jaw line now wobbled with ever step. His hair was slicked back and he would be very handsome, if it weren't for his fat. He was also very tan, probably from living out in the sun his whole life.

         Russ wasn't sure why, but Dales features interested him. He wasn't sure how or why but it didn't disgust him. Dale came bounding to Russ,

         "Hi! I'm Dale," he said.

         "Yea, I'm Russ."

         Dale grabbed Russ by his hand and pulled him into the house. Dale waddled up the stairs and then yanked Russ into a room and closed the door. This was clearly his room, the walls were covered in posters of everything under the sun. Food rappers lay all around the room, Dale grabbed a bag of chips off of his bed and began to eat them.

         "So what do you do around here?" asked Russ.

         "I like to watch TV and my mom cooks great food. I also like restaurant food, it's really good too, and not to mention chocolate. I love chocolate," said Dale as he rubbed his belly.

         "I can see that," said Russ.

         "And of course, I hang out with my girl," said Dale.

         Dale whipped out a picture of a teen girl kissing him and it looked like she was about to unbutton his pants.

         "This is Angela, she's 14 like me," said Dale.

         "Nice, have you ever done anything with her?" Russ asked.

         "Ya, I just had sex with her last night," he replied.

         "I have some really cool games we can play," said Dale.

         For the next three days they played video games and talked about sex and girls. The whole time Dale stuffed his face with food and soda.

         They traded phone numbers on the last day and hugged each other.

         "I'll come again soon," said Russ.

         Two months later, Russ learned that they were going to head up to the farm again. Russ couldn't wait, he packed his games and a really cool shirt he wanted to give Dale. He then got in the car and they drove for days.

         When they arrived, once again the parents came out to great them and then the sister came out. Then Dale came running out. He looked different though, he had put on a good amount of weight, but he looked really nice other than that. He wore black jeans without holes or stains, and a nice shirt. The shirt was too small for him though and it hugged his belly and man boobs.

         Russ walked up to meet Dale and hugged him. He was definitely larger, he had also grown a little taller. Though Dale was fat, he lived on a farm and he had to lift heavy things so he had strong arms. Due to the fact that he had muscles and fat on his arms they were extremely large.

         "You look great," said Russ.

         "I feel great," replied Dale.

         They went up to Dales room, once inside Dale began to explain what had happened to him since they had last met. His girlfriend had sex with him all of the time and she was an amazing cook. He said that she brought food over with her everyday. Russ was a little surprised to hear this, except for the part about food. Russ remembered the shirt he wanted to give him, he got it out of his suitcase and handed it to Dale.

         "Try it on," said Russ.

         "Ok," Dale replied.

         Dale took off his shirt and set it down. He then began to pull the new shirt over his head. All was well until the shirt reached his belly, it was beginning to stretch to its limit. He pulled it down with all his strength and he heard some small ripping sounds.

         "It looks good on you," said Russ.

         The shirt was at least two sizes too small for him. His body features were completely visible through the shirt. Russ could make out his nipples even. He walked in front of Russ and posed.

         "How does it look?" he asked.

         "It looks great," Russ responded.

         They hung out and talked for the next couple of days and then Russ packed his bags. He was sad to leave him again, then Russ got great news from his parents. He was going to spend the summer with Dale.

         During the rest of the school year, Dale became a football player for his school. He worked out and built up big muscles all around his body. They were all hidden though, by his fat. His girlfriend began to bake cake and cookies for him and that was all he ate except for cheeseburgers that his dad cooked for dinner everyday. He started to wear his football jersey all of the time. By the time summer came around it was already too small for him. He kept wearing it though and just let his large belly grow under it.

         Girls loved it when he wore his football jersey. He had dyed part of his hair blond and combed it forward. It looked really hot and girls couldn't resist to hug and kiss him whenever he was alone. He became one of the most popular kids in the school and he loved it. He was also starting to have trouble in football, he was a good player but it made him very tired and sweaty. He was having trouble running as fast and staying sharp. He kept playing though and didn't let his weight get in his way of being popular. On his diet of cheeseburgers, cookies, and cake over just a three month period he gained 65 pounds.

         I was so excited to see Dale, we were going to hang out all summer. I packed my things and jumped in the car. When we arrived, I jumped out and ran up to Dales room. He was eating cookies when I walked in.

         "Hi Dale!" I said.

         He stood up and swallowed the rest of his cookies. He then lunged forward and hugged me. I immediately noticed his weight gain. Firstly, his belly was larger, it hung down and stuck out, also his man boobs were larger. His arms were wider, they lay against his belly jiggling as he moved around. His butt was also larger, it stuck out and his shorts could barley contain it. His thighs were much wider also, his shorts lay tight against them. I pulled away from the hug and jiggled his belly with my hands.

         "Hey Big Boy," I said.

         He laughed and sat down again, his shirt lifted a little to reveal his belly. Smooth and round, it lay in his lap. I didn't quite know why, but I wanted to see more of it, a lot more of it.
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