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Rated: 18+ · Novel · Sci-fi · #2201107
Revised version of my Aryan Thunder story
Author's Chapter Notes:
This is based on a story I started writing in 2007, I condensed and ommitted unnecessary information and had the shrinking take place in chapter one instead of chapter three.
Some time in March, three days after Daylight Savings Time went into effect...

An inter-dimensional vortex ripped open in the fabric of space somewhere above the planet Earth. A woman in her mid-twenties was piloting a star-cruiser that emerged from the wormhole that collapsed and disappeared. She had blonde hair and blue eyes, and was very beautiful. She used her technology to take over every television and radio channel on Earth. The young woman addressed the people of Earth:

"I am Raleigh Doran, an inter-dimensional visitor from a world where the Nazis emerged victorious from World War Two. Tonight I will launch thousands of neutrino dissimilators into geosynchronous orbit, so every square inch of land on Earth will be detectable. At 7:00 a.m. this Saturday morning Berlin time, I shall miniaturize all people who are non-white. Anyone half-white or with a greater than half percentage of Caucasian ancestry will not fall victim to my neutrino dissimilators. I will be sending fembots to every city and town on Earth so you can receive a transponder, in case you have doubts about your ancestry. Anyone with a transponder won't be miniaturized. You have 48 hours to prepare!"

The starcruiser descended over Washington D.C. and hovered over the Washington monument. "As a vulgar display of my power, I will shrink the Washington monument!"

A beam of energy emanated from her craft, and the Washington monument was reduced to a couple of feet in height.

In a well to do home in Bullet Bay, California, A young college student and her friends were watching the spectacle as it happened. Pearl Grinder had blonde hair and blue eyes, while Susan Stabler was a brown-eyed brunette. April Scott had dark hair and blue eyes, while her friend Heidi Hayes was a blue-eyed blonde. All of them were 19 years old, and in college.

"Seven a.m. Berlin time will be ten o'clock Friday night for us," said Pearl, "I've been to Germany and I know Berlin is nine hours ahead of us here in California."

"You should throw a party this Friday, Pearl!" said Susan.

"That's a great idea," said Pearl, "we could invite a bunch of Mexicans and watch them shrink!"

"I know a gangster chick named G-girl," said Susan. "She knows most of the Mexicans our age, and she can invite them over here. She's half-Mexican, so according to Raleigh Doran, G-girl should remain normal size."

"Didn't you have a boyfriend named Sparky, Pearl?" Heidi asked. "He's half Mexican-American, you should invite him, too"

"We can watch over them after they shrink," said Pearl. "This house can be a safe haven for them."

Meanwhile, across town, a half-Mexican, half-German electrician in his 30's named Sparky got a phone call from Pearl. She explained the situation, and he vowed to construct a voice amplifier so the shrunken people will be able to be heard more easily by the normal-sized people. He toiled for the next two days, but miscalculated the time when Raleigh would shrink everyone. When it was time to set his watch and clocks back an hour that previous Sunday, he had forgotten, so the time was actually one hour later than he realized. He was unaware that in a few minutes, he would be shrunk, along with the other non-white inhabitants of the entire planet.

Back at Pearl Grinder's house, G-girl showed up with about a dozen young Mexican men and women.

"They don't believe anyone is getting shrunk tonight," said G-girl. "I'm not so sure about it either, but I'm half-white so I'll stay normal-size whether it's true or not."

There were more white women than men at the party, Pearl, Susan Stabler, and some other women who went to their junior college. Pearl got a phone call from Heidi, who informed her that she and April were on their way over.

Sparky was walking to Pearl's house with the voice amplifier when the neutrino dissimilators Raleigh launched into orbit went into action. Sparky was instantly shrunk down to an inch tall, and he dropped the device he was carrying. Heidi and April happened to be walking by when they saw him, and he tried to run from them, because he didn't know them.

They blocked his path with their shoes as they stepped in his path.

"How does it feel to dwell under the dominion of the mighty Aryan race?" Heidi asked.

"I shouldn't be shrunk, I'm half-white!" Sparky shouted. April's foot slammed down to block him from running in another direction, and at an inch tall, he was easily cornered and captured. They carry him and the device to Pearl's house, and set him and the device on the dining room table. There were over a dozen Mexican-Americans who were attending Pearl's party that Friday night, and they were collected by the party goers and set on the table along with Sparky.

Among them are a young woman named Zu-Zu, and her boyfriend Wam-Wam. Heidi set a container on the table, and told everyone to gather around the table.

"Six years ago, I was visited by a time traveler who claimed I was her ancestor. She gave me a neutrino dissimilator pistol that only shrinks non-white people, and I've been collecting criminals ever since." Heidi opened a container, and dumped out a dozen miniaturized captives who had been shrunk down to the same scale as Sparky and the other Mexican-Americans on the table. "She told me about the arrival of Raleigh, so I've been waiting for this night for a long time."

"Someone needs to get a hold of Raleigh," said Sparky. "I should've remained normal size because I'm half German!"

"We'll check into that," said Pearl. "I'm sure this has happened to other people, and someone as technologically advanced as Raleigh must have a contingency plan in case something like this happens."

"I say it's high time we had some fun," said Susan, who was clad in ankle-high boots, thrashed fishnet stockings, a denim mini-skirt, and a t-shirt. "Who wants to climb my fishnets?"

Some of the miniaturized men volunteered, including Sparky. Susan collected five shrunken men and sat on the carpet, with her legs spread out in front of her. She commanded them to march astride her legs while she lifted her knees up, and they climbed up, using the fishnets like rungs of a ladder. Several of the normal-sized people were taking videos of the action with their cell-phones. Susan stood up carefully as soon as she knew they had a good grip, and they climbed from her ankles to her upper thighs.

The mood changed when the door shot open and a 21-one-year old woman with light brown hair and blue eyes came storming in carrying a bottle of whiskey. She had her back to Sparky, and he could see the word "White" tattooed on her upper left arm, and the word "Pride" tattooed on her upper right arm.

"I'm in the mood for some Mexican food!" said the woman. "Let's get down with swallowing some Mexicans!"

Pearl walked up and greeted the woman. "Hi Crystal Mae, welcome to my party!" Pearl turned and announced to the others at the party who the newcomer was. "This is my Cousin, Crystal Mae Miller. She's an outlaw chick from L.A."

"Can I swallow some of them?" Crystal asked.

"This is a sanctuary for shrunken people," Pearl replied. "I can't let you kill any of them. Some of these Mexicans are friends I went to school with."

"Can we compromise?" Crystal asked.

"How so?" Pearl asked.

"I could swallow one and puke him back up, maybe you can get one to volunteer."

"Would any of you volunteer to get swallowed by my Cousin Crystal?" Pearl asked.

Sparky was the only one brave enough to volunteer. Pearl plucked him from Susan's thigh, and gave him to Crystal. The young woman lifted him into the air, then dropped him into her open mouth. He hit her tongue and her lips sealed behind him. Crystal took a swig from her whiskey bottle, and sent Sparky plunging down her esophagus, and into her waiting belly.

Crystal rubbed her belly and laughed, then took another swig from her bottle.

"You can puke Sparky up now," said Pearl.

"I changed my mind," said Crystal. "I'm going to digest him!"

To Be Continued!
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